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Actions tab

The Actions tab is used in general to save and edit in bulk all the group tags and Social Profile tags in SM Tasker in case you want to save tags to restore them later or if you want to change them. Here’s what each of the options does:

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  • EXPORT GROUPS TAGS – you can use this option to export all the groups with tags you have on your Social Profiles in SM Tasker
  • IMPORT GROUPS TAGS –  select this option to import group tags after changing them on the exported file from above or to restore to original group tags

✅ You can’t import groups with tags to another SM Tasker instance or after removing the original social profiles of the exported groups. The main purpose of these two options is to save, edit, import, and/or restore group tags of the same social profiles.

  • EXPORT GROUPS TAGS FULL INFO – use this option to export all the existing groups on all the social profiles you have on SM Tasker with the following information: the name, the link, the tag, the original account, the type and the number of members of each group
  • EXPORT SOCIAL PROFILES TAGS – choose this to export the tags used to tag your accounts in Social Profiles
  • IMPORT SOCIAL PROFILES TAGS – use this option to import and apply the tags to your social profiles after editing them or to restore the original tags

✅ Just like groups tags, you can’t import social profiles tags to another instance of SM Tasker or after removing the social profiles

  • COMPACT DATABASE – you can use this option to compress the size of the database to reduce the amount of space SM Tasker is consuming on the hard drive
  • DELETE ALL RESULTS – use this option to delete all results from all tools on all of the social profiles. This is useful if you want to have a clean start.
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