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Attracting more attention to your account

In this tutorial, we’ll be talking about a couple of techniques and features SM Tasker has that will allow you to engage even more with other people that can become your clients. We will go through the “Comment, “Like, and “Contacttools.

Let’s do this for a Linkedin profile as it has the most options, if you understand how this one works, you’ll be able to use the same tools on any other platform without any problems.

The “Comment” and the “Like” tool

On the tools page, click on a Linkedin profile and you will be taken to the tools page for that profile. Go to the Comment or to the Like tool.

(insert screenshot pointing how to go to the Comment or to the Like tool here)

You will notice that both of these tools have 3 sub-tabs:

  • Settings – this is where you will set the delay between operations, the criteria to choose the posts to like and comment on, the keywords to find posts to like and comment on, and the actual comments that it will do.
  • Sources – this is where you tell SM Tasker on what to comment or like, and as you can see there are multiple options here.
  • Results – here you will see the comment or like results after they are finished.

Now let’s go back to the Settings tab and see what we need to do there.

This tab is split into several sections which group the main configurations that you need to do, they are as follows:

(insert a screenshot of Run timers and Limits here)

1. “Run Timers” – you should be familiar with this one already, you set the delay between operations here, the time when it should run, and the days of the week when you want it to operate.

2. “Comment/Like limits” – this is where you configure how many maximum comments or likes you want to do per day and per hour, it’s an interval so it will choose a random number each day that is between the minimum and maximum you set here. You can choose to also like some comments after liking a post and you can set how many posts from the same person it should comment on or like each day.

(insert screenshot here)

3. “Comment/Like settings” – using these settings, you can target the exact posts that you need, they are quite self-explanatory. Using the first two you can choose how old the posts are and if you comment with a photo it will also alter the image so it looks unique every time.

(insert screenshot here)

You have multiple sources at your disposal, you can Comment or Like actions on the following types of posts:

  • Page posts
  • Group posts
  • Posts from searches
  • Wall posts
  • And on specific posts, you add manually

After both the settings and sources are ready, remember to go back to the Settings tab and start the tool.

Finally, on the Results tab, you will see listed all the different actions it did for you.

This is everything about these two tools, as you can see it’s not that hard, configure a few settings, enter the sources and start it. Keep in mind not to overdo it. Being an automated tool, it is easy to set it too fast, and if you do that you can get in trouble. Start with a few actions per day and increase them over time.

The “Contact” Tool

Using the Contact tool for Linkedin you will be able to send messages to your connections.

(insert a screenshot of the Contact tool with its tabs here)

Let’s see how this works. Just go to the Contact tab / Use members tab, select your connections, add the text message you want to send, and press Add to send messages list button.

You can also attach an image, video, or document to the text message you are planning to send.

Then go to the Send messages tab and you should be able to see these sections:

  • Run timers – here you will configure the delay between messages, how many to send per day, and per hour. You also have the time when you want the tool to execute and on which days.
  • Pending send message – this is where the connections you sent from the “Use members” tab will show up and it’s the pending list of people waiting to receive a message from you.
  • Results – It will show the people that SM Tasker successfully sent messages.


Now you know how to interact with other people automatically through SM Tasker and get their attention. By doing this, you have the chance of promoting your service or business to the exact people that would need it the most. For the best results, targeting the correct sources is a very important step so don’t do it in a hurry.

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