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Automatically adding content to your accounts

One of the last things you need to learn to do in SM Tasker is to understand how you can automatically add content to your accounts so you keep growing them on auto-pilot.

For this exact purpose, SM Tasker has a couple of very neat tools. Besides getting content automatically through RSS feeds and keeping your campaigns always running you can also get content that is 100% sure to be of high quality if you choose the right sources. That is possible via the Repin or Retweet tools.

The “Repin tool” is available for Pinterest and the “Retweet tool” is available for Twitter. They work in the same way, except that for Pinterest you will first need to select the board you want to do repins on. Since each Pinterest account can have multiple boards you can have multiple repin tools running at the same time, one for each board.

As stated, both tools are pretty much the same, you have a few different settings for each depending on what you can do on each platform. Let’s talk about the Twitter Retweet tool and if you understand this one you’ll master them both.

As before, go to the Tools page and click on a Twitter profile, then go to the Retweet/Reply Tool. You will notice it’s split into 3 sections:

(insert a screenshot of the Retweet/Reply tabs here)

  • “Settings” – this is where you will configure the filters that tell SM Tasker what the tweets that you want re-tweeted can and cannot contain and how many times per day to retweet.
  • “Retweet Sources” – this is where you specify the exact places where SM Tasker will look for tweets, it’s really important to add enough high-quality sources here so there are enough possible tweets that will pass the filters you set up in Settings.
  • “Results” – you will see the results of what this tool did for you here.

Now let’s go back to the “Settings tab” and set up our first retweet.

  • “Run timers”– you should already be familiar with this one as it’s in most SM Tasker tools, you tell it how much to retweet and on what days. We’ll choose to do 3 retweets per day and randomize publishing timers each day so new timers are chosen each day. Let’s also not retweet Sundays.

(insert a screenshot of Run timers here)

  • “Retweet filters” – here is where you choose the filters that will make sure you only retweet the exact content you want. We should skip mentions as they are made for someone in particular, also skip retweets, and use real-time results to get only fresh tweets. Let’s also tell SM Tasker to only get tweets that are 48 hours old – that means 2 days. And lastly, let’s limit the number of retweets to only 2 per user per day (24 hours).

(insert a screenshot of filters here)

  • “After Retweet action” – you can also comment on the retweet after you make it in order to add your own voice to it if you wish.  Let’s set it to 50 percent which means only half of the retweets will have comments.

(insert a screenshot of the After retweet actions here)

Next, let us configure the “Sources tab”.

(insert a screenshot of Sources here)

As you can see, you have quite a lot of options that will allow you to target the exact accounts you would need in order to find the best tweets to retweet. You can either look for tweets by using keywords, by adding a list of accounts that will be monitored, by adding lists created by other people or yourself, or by adding the exact tweets you want to be retweeted.

Let’s enable “Retweet by keyword search” and add a few keywords here like “social media, social marketing, Twitter”.  For now, we won’t be adding any Retweet Comments.

(insert a screenshot of the Retweet by keyword search here)

Now that we have our settings and the sources, let’s go back to the “Settings tab” and start the tool. It will show you the time of the next run and if we wait for a little while, we can also see the retweet it did on the “Results tab”.

(insert a screenshot of the Start/Stop tab here)

Congratulation, with this last tutorial you should know the basics of how to use SM Tasker and most of the tools it provides. All the other tools work in pretty much the same way with a few extra or missing options here and there depending on each platform and what’s possible to do on it.

You are now a big step closer to automating your social media marketing and regaining a lot of time that you were spending on repetitive tasks. Good luck!

💡 Should you need help with anything else, never hesitate to contact us using either the contact form on the site or the Contact Support tab in SM Tasker.

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