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Automating your account growth

Now that you know how to use one of the main features in SM Tasker – posting to your social accounts, let me teach you how to use the second big feature in SM Tasker – the tools section. From the “Tools tab”, you will be able to access different tools for each social account you have. Each tool runs separately and can do certain tasks for you.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to automate your account growth. Namely, we’ll be setting up the “Follow”, the “Unfollow”, and the “Follow-back” tools.

In case you’re new to social media marketing you might be wondering why would you follow other people and how is that a strategy to grow your own account. Its’ a simple thing actually, this is based on the “reciprocity principle” which is a basic law in social psychology that basically means that if you do something for someone there’s a very high chance that he’ll do it back for you.

So what we will do is start to follow people in our niche in order for them to notice us and follow us back. The most important factor here is the way you target the people you follow. It can be the difference between success and failure. More about this later though, we are here to learn how to set up these tools.

Setting up the “Follow Tool”

Go to the “Tools tab” and click on a Twitter account then go to its first tab, which should be Follow. The “Follow tool” is available for the following types of accounts:  Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Quora.

(insert a screenshot of the Follow tool’s Tabs marked here)

As you can see the “Follow tab” has several sub-tabs:

  • “Settings” – this is where you will choose the main settings for the tool like how many people to follow, how much time to pause between each follow, and so on.
  • “Follow Sources”– this is where you tell SM Tasker who are the people you want to follow, there are several ways of choosing your sources, and we will discuss them later
  • “Extracted Users” – this is a list that SM Tasker keeps with the people it found based on your settings so it can follow them easier when it needs to
  • “Results” –this is where you will see the people that SM Tasker actually followed along with some other info relating to the follow.

Let’s start with the “Settings tab”.

(insert a screenshot of Run timers and Limits marked here)

1. First, you have the “Run Timers” which will specify how often the tool should run and how many follows it should do each time it runs. You can also tell it to run between a certain time of the day or only on certain days of the week. Let’s tell it to follow between 2 and 5 people per operation here since we’re only just beginning

2. Next, you have the “Follow limits” which tell SM Tasker how many maximum people it should follow each day. If you specify a range here it will pick a different number each day from within that range. For starters, a maximum of 100 – 150 follows per day should be quite safe.

(insert a screenshot of the filters here)

3. The “User Filters” come next where you drill down in order to find the exact people you want, most settings are self-explanatory. The ones used most commonly are “user has only English characters”, and “user has profile image”. Apart from that make your decision on who you want to follow but don’t overdo it as the more settings you choose the harder it will be to find people that match those criteria.

4. “Follow settings” is next, where you can choose to follow random people from the list SM Tasker found for you or follow them in the order they are on the list.

5. And last on the page is “After follow actions” – here you can choose to enable “like latest posts of the user after follow”. This will increase your chance of getting a followback, however, it will also increase the number of actions you do with your account, so make sure not to set very high numbers overall.

Now, we go to configure the “Follow sources” tab.  This is a very important step and you should play around with the sources until you see that you target the exact people you need to get as followers.

The different kinds of sources are quite self-explanatory, you can select as many of them as you want and in order to start the tool you need at least 1 of them selected. Each time SM Tasker runs and searches for more people to follow it will choose one of the sources from here and will extract as many people as it finds.

(insert a screenshot of Follow Sources here)

Let’s choose the first source “follow people by keyword search” for now, and enter a few keywords like social media, internet marketing, and twitter. A very good idea here is to also follow people that followed other accounts in your niche. Let’s select this as well and add an account here.

(insert a screenshot of Follow Sources  / Keyword search and Follow followers of target accounts here)

After clicking “add account URLs” you will see the account you added in the table below. SM Tasker will go to that account and extract the people that follow it.

Since in the next two tabs, “Extracted Users” and “Results” we don’t need to do anything, for now, we’ll just go back to the “Settings” tab in order to start the tool. Scroll to the top if you’re not there already and under status click on that button so it says “ON” Started.  You will also be able to see the time when this tool will run next. If we wait for a little while we can go to the “Results” tab and see the people SM Tasker followed on its first run.

(insert a screenshot of Stop/Start tab here)

Setting up the “Unfollow Tool”

Since we don’t live in a perfect world and not everyone that you follow will follow you back you’ll also need to unfollow people at some point. Otherwise, your account will look bad with a lot fewer followers than followings. Fortunately, this is quite simple to do with SM Tasker, just head over to the “Unfollow” tab.

This is an easy one, there are no sub-tabs you basically set and forget about it. You have here:

(insert a screenshot or Run Timers and Limits here)

1. “Run timers” – as before, tell it how often to run. The first setting here is quite important, indicate after how many days to unfollow someone. Let’s give people enough time to follow us back so set this up to 10 days. It’s usually better for the tool to run less often and do more unfollows each time so let’s set it up to unfollow between 20 and 50 people each time.

2. “Unfollow limits” – how many maximum people to unfollow in a day, 150-250 should be just fine.

(insert a screenshot of Unfollow filters and after follow settings here)

3. “User filters” – you can choose to unfollow everyone or just the people that didn’t follow you back and you can also use a whitelist to make sure you don’t unfollow certain people even if they didn’t follow you back. You can even set to delay for unfollowing your followers.

4. “Follow settings” – one single choice here, “Follow random users from the extracted list” – if you don’t want to follow users in order they’ve been extracted.

5. “After follow actions” – options that allow you to set up some actions to be executed after you’ve followed users.

When everything is configured exactly the way you want it, just go back to the top and start the tool as you did with the Follow one. As before you’ll be able to see the next run here if everything is in order.

Setting up the “Follow Back Tool”

This one is an easy one to set up. Basically, other people will follow you as well using the same strategy you used above. If you want to keep them as followers you should follow them back.

This is a personal choice here, some of the accounts that do this might be just bot accounts and such followers might never be useful for anything however some people that do this use their personal accounts that are good to have as followers.

(insert a screenshot of the Follow back tool here)

This tool doesn’t require much configuring, just click the start button at the top and it will do its job

Final words

Congratulations! You’ve just configured your account to do automatic Follow, Unfollow, and Follow-back actions. You can now leave SM Tasker alone and come back in a month and see that your account gained a lot of new followers. Ideally don’t do it like that though, monitor it from time to time and tweak the settings and sources until you find the perfect combination.


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