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Campaigns – Clickable Image Post

Some of you might have seen some of the posts that certain people make on Facebook groups that have a nice looking image that once clicked, redirects you to their site. It looks great, it converts a lot better if you target the right people and it’s not that hard to do, so why not use it for yourself?  These are called clickable images and you can do that now from within SM Tasker for LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

What is a Clickable Image Post?

The Clickable Image Post functionality will allow you to create posts that will have a lot more interaction as they will basically be a huge photo that attracts attention and will also be clickable, sending anyone who clicks it to your site. It’s an amazing way to drive interested people right to your site and your conversion rates will skyrocket. Clickable Image Post is available for all the campaign types: Standard, Scheduled and Volume Campaign.

How to use Clickable Image posts

To create clickable image posts, follow these steps:

➡ Create a new Campaign: go to CAMPAIGNS tab, click on ADD CAMPAIGN, select which campaign type you want to create. Or you can access an existing campaign from the campaigns list, with a simple click on the name of the campaign you want to use.

(Screenshot here)

1. Go to What To Publish


3. Type your text message in the corresponding text box

4. Indicate the clickable image post details:

  • Choose a suggestive title for your post.
  • Add the URL for the image you want to display.
  • Add the URL where you want the user to be redirected after he clicks the image.
  • If you don’t want the URL description to be automatic, you can add your custom description as well.

➡ When you are done creating the post, it should look something like this:

(Screenshot here)

➡ Next, click Add To Post List button.  Once it is sent to Posts List tab, the post will appear as shown below:

(Screenshot here)

💡 From now on you can set up your campaign as usual. If you are new to SM Tasker, see how to add a Scheduled campaign, a Standard campaign, or a Volume campaign, these will explain in more detail setting up your campaigns and what you need to know about each of them.

📌 Important things to remember

➡ You will need to create your own clickable image post server which will be used for the clickable image post.  And don’t forget to set it up on the Settings > Connectivity tab – this is a global setting and will be used for all your clickable images. Otherwise, you will get the error message below if no clickable image servers are added.

(Screenshot here)


💡 Just so you have everything ready before you start, you will need to upload the image somewhere or use an image that’s already online, you cannot upload it through the software.

If you have it on your site that is great, you can use it from there. If not, just upload it somewhere online where they accept free image uploads. You can use for this it’s quite easy to upload your picture and get a direct link from there and you don’t need to create an account if you don’t want to.

Remember to use a high-quality image so your post will look great. Ideally, use a wide image as that’s the one social networks like best. Get the direct link to your picture from the site.

After that just enter all your details:

  • The message you want to post, you can also use spintax here.
  • It’s highly advisable to use at least a minimum of spinning for the Title of your post as different titles will create different URLs for SM Tasker to post.
  • For the image URL, make sure to enter a direct link to that image alone, not to a page that contains that image.
  • Source URL – this is for Pinterest only.
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