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Campaigns – Flickr Posts

Aside from creating your own posts, there are different ways you can add posts to your campaign in SM Tasker.  These alternative options to add posts will help you maximize your time in terms of scheduling the content that will get published on your account.

While a lot of users choose to extract posts via Share Posts, Scrape PostRSS Feed and Monitor folders, there is another option that will let you scrape images for your content.

With SM Tasker, you can also extract images from Flickr, provided of course that you have a Flickr API Key.

To access this option, you can go to the following path Publishing > Campaign > What to Publish Tab > Flickr Posts sub-tab.

How to set up Flickr on SM Tasker?

In order to extract images from Flickr, you will need to

  • add your FLICKR API Key in SETTINGS > Connectivity Tab
  • After that, you can proceed to your Campaign and start creating your posts.

(Insert a screenshot of the Settings / Connectivity tab with personal Flickr api option marked)

Extracting posts from Flickr

From the Flickr Posts sub-tab (Campaigns > What to Publish tab), all you need to do is:

  1. Type in the Keyword you want to use to extract images in the designated box
  2. For the Feed Template box, you can add the supported tokens [TITLE], [DESCRIPTION] and [URL] and they will be replaced by their values from the Feed.
  3. You can set up other options such as the number of images to extract, the text and description, the source URL, and the option to only extract images without copyright restrictions.
  4. Once you set up the Feed template and check the options you need, just click on the “EXTRACT FLICKR POSTS” button to start the extraction.

💡 The “HOW IT WORKS button” – when clicked, opens the knowledge base article where you can see step-by-step instructions on how the tool works.

(Insert a screenshot of the Flickr sub-tab)

Extracting Posts from Pinterest

There is also an option to extract posts from Pinterest but we recommend that you use the Scrape Posts feature instead which allows better control for post-extraction.

But should you wish to use this option for extracting posts, you can:

  1. Add the keywords you want to use to extract posts.
  2. Configure the options:
  • Number of posts to extract
  • Include text and description
  • Extract source URL
  • Filter to extract only posts that have between X and Y repins
  • Set for how long to scroll the pages, it helps in controlling how many pins to check on.
  1. Once you are done with that, just click on the “EXTRACT PINTEREST POSTS” button to start the extraction.
  2. You can also choose to Extract Posts from URLs, just add the Pinterest URL with pins in the provided box and click the corresponding button.

(Insert a screenshot of the Pinterest options in the Flickr sub-tab)

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