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Campaigns – History

To check the progress of the posts your campaign has published or still publishing, you can head to the Campaign History tab.  On the said tab, you’ll see the status of the post, it could be Finished or In Progress.

Aside from the status of the posts, you will also see a bunch of other useful options for added flexibility.

From the History tab, you’ll see the following

(Insert a screenshot of the History tab)

1. Clear History – this option  will delete all the posts in your History tab

2. Filter – you can use this option to filter the posts based on words to find your posts faster

3. Show Advanced View – when clicked, a window will pop up with more options. (*more details below)

4. Delete posts that are older than 60 days old – lets you delete posts that are older than X days

5. Action Column options:

  • Details – once clicked, a smaller window will open and from there, you can check on the status of the post for each destination. You’ll see if all the posts were Finished (successfully posted), still In Progress or if an error occurred

(Insert a screenshot showing possible post statuses)

  • Re-ADD – allows you to re-add the post to the end of the “Posts List” tab.
  • Create Report – click this to get a copy of the current progress of the specific post in a CSV file
  • Delete Posts – by clicking this option,  SM Tasker will visit every published post on the following social networks: Twitter and Pinterest, and delete them from there.
  • Delete – unlike Delete Posts, this option will only delete the post from the History tab

Advanced View window

(Insert a screenshot of the Advanced view window)

  • Filter –  use this to easily find the post you are looking for based on words that are included in the text of the post message
  • Export Posts – when clicked, your posts will be copied to your clipboard, hence you can go to another campaign and import it there
  • Export Posts As CSV File – click this to export all the posts in your posts list as CSV files.
  • Export Share Posts As CSV File –  this option will export all the share posts as a CSV file.
  • Export Clickable Images As CSV File – this enables you to export all the clickable image posts as CSV files.
  • Send Posts To Campaigns – lets you send your posts to selected campaigns
  • Send All To Draft – will send all the posts to the “Drafts” tab

At the bottom of the page, you will find more options

(Insert a screenshot of the bottom page History tab options)

  • Create Global Report – this will create an exported file with the current progress of all the posts in the History tab.
  • Export Posts As CSV File – when clicked, you will get an exported file with all the posts in the History tab.
  • Re-Add All Posts – use this option to re-add all published posts to the Posts List tab
  • Show Only Posts with Errors – this will filter and show only the post which got errors; once clicked, this option will become “Show All”
  • Twitter posts are very straightforward since they can only be posted on the wall

(Insert a screenshot of the finished Twitter post)

  • For YouTube accounts, you will show it posted either to your Wall or the specific name of the channel you selected for the destination.

(Insert a screenshot of the finished Youtube post)

  • Tumblr will specify to which blog was the post published.

(Insert a screenshot of the finished Tumblr post)

  • Pinterest posts will let you know to which board/s published the post.

(Insert a screenshot of the finished Pinterest post)

  • LinkedIn will show you on what wall, group, or page was the post published.

(Insert a screenshot of the finished Linkedin post)

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