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Campaigns – Overview

The Campaign Overview tab is the first tab you’ll see when you add a campaign.  It is available to all three types of campaigns, namely Standard, Volume, and Scheduled.  This is the place where you add a name to your campaign and choose the main settings that will govern all posts for that campaign.

On this tab, you’ll find:

(insert screenshot here)

1. First, assign a name to your campaign. It is ideal that you choose a name that is suggestive of your niche so you can easily identify what that campaign is all about.

2. You can input a short description of the campaign, for example, what social platform is it posting to, and what the niche of the post is.

3. You may add a tag to your campaign. This will come in handy when sorting from the list of campaigns especially when you have numerous campaigns.  You’ll be able to group your campaigns based on the tags you assigned to each of them.

4. These are general options and they will be applied to all the posts inside this campaign.

5. To see the general settings for the entire campaign including specific options for each supported social network, click the Advanced Settings button.

(insert screenshot here)

6. You can click on the “Copy Settings” button if you wish to duplicate selected settings to other campaigns of the same type.

7. Finally, start your campaign by clicking the  “START PUBLISHING” button. To stop the campaign, just click the “STOP PUBLISHING” button.

💡 Things to remember:

If your campaign is not posting, you can take a quick glance at the Campaign Overview tab.  For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see the following notifications:

(insert screenshot here)

Therefore, you will need to select a destination list from the “Where To Publish” tab and add the posts you want to post from the “What To Publish” tab before the campaign becomes ACTIVE.

Once configured, the notifications will change as follows:

  • ACTIVE campaign status
  • It would tell you how many walls/profiles, pages, and groups and how many accounts is the campaign going to publish to
  • It will show the number of pending and published posts the campaign has

(insert screenshot here)

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