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Campaigns – RSS Posts

When setting up your campaign, the most time-consuming part is creating the posts that you will publish on your destinations.  And while you can create your own content via What To Publish > Add Posts sub-tab, there are other options available to help you create posts for your campaign.

One of these options is adding posts from an RSS Feed which is available for both Standard and Volume campaigns only.

What is the RSS Posts option?

This option is quite favorable as it saves you a lot of time. It enables you to extract posts as you create them from your website to your campaigns through RSS Feed.

How to extract posts from RSS Feed?

To access the option, go to CAMPAIGN > What To Publish Tab > RSS POSTS sub-tab.

(Screenshot here)

Setting up RSS Posts sub-tab

(Screenshot here)

  1. Add your Feed URL in the designated box, you can add one feed per line.
  2. This is the section where you can set up your Feed Template.
  • You can use your own caption and supported tokens and it will be replaced with matching information or values from the Feed.
  • You can also check the option to create Image post or Clickable Image post where possible.
  • And you can check the other option above to set the feed link as the post’s SourceURL for Pinterest.

Once you’ve added the Feed URL and set up the Feed Template, click on ADD FEED button and the URL will get added to the table below:

(Screenshot here)

  1. FEED URL, # Posts and #Errors column
  • Under the FEED URL, you should be able to see the feed from which SM Tasker is extracting posts.
  • Under the Posts column, you should be able to see the number of posts that got extracted so far from that feed.
  • Under the Errors column, you should be able to see the number of errors occurred while extracting posts.
  1. This is where you can add the caption you want to use for the extracted posts, it supports the Tokens we mentioned above on the FEED TEMPLATE Section, they will be replaced by their values from the feed.

There are additional options you can use to when extracting posts:

  • Check the option to add Image OR to add a clickable image
  • An option to set the feed link as SourceURL.
  • An option to ignore posts without images if you only want to scrape images posts, note that video posts won’t get scraped. You can only scrape text and images posts.
  • An option that can allow you to send scraped posts to the top of the POST LIST.
  • An option that allows you to send posts to draft instead of the post list
  • Filters for posts to be extracted.
  • An option to select the type of LinkedIn group post.
  • Copy – will copy the feed URL
  • Stop – when clicked, will stop the scrape operations
  • Get X to Drafts – click to send x posts to draft
  • Delete – will delete the feed URL from the table

Here is where you can add and specify the URL that you want to use.

📌 Good to know:

➡ Posts are going to be extracted only when the campaign is started.

➡ To update all feeds you added at once, click on the button FORCE UPDATE ALL FEEDS at the bottom of the table.

➡ To delete all feeds at once, click on REMOVE ALL button.

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