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CAMPAIGNS- Share Posts

Posting to Linkedin groups relevant to your niche is a good way to promote your Page to gain more audience as well as spread information about your brand. And while the interaction between a group and page may be limited, you can choose to share your Page posts to your groups.

How do you share Page posts to Groups?

If you’re looking for a way to publish posts from your Linkedin Page or share from another page to your groups, you may use the Share Post feature from the Campaign.

Start with creating a campaign > go to ‘What to Publish tab’ > Share Post sub-tab.


(Screenshot showing the What To Publish — Share Posts tab)


There are two ways to publish a post from a Linkedin page:

  1. By adding a Linkedin Page or Group Post URL – you can manually add the specific page post link
  2. By adding the Linkedin Page itself – what it does is scrape the Page for posts

💡 All extracted posts will be sent to the Posts List tab where it will queue for publishing to your selected destinations.

Setting up the Share Post feature:


(Screenshot showing the Share posts sections)


1. Add a LinkedIn page post URL – if you want to publish a specific post then you can add the URL of that specific post on this field.

2. Add Posts button – once you’ve added the URL on the field, click this button to add the post. But before it gets added there, a window will pop up that will allow you to modify the post and finalize everything.

3. Import option – If you have a lot of posts to be added, then you can import them using this option.

📌 There is also a required format when importing a list here, so make sure that you follow the right format. You can click the “Click here for an example file” button to view the format.

4. Add a LinkedIn Page URL – you need to add the Linkedin Page URL in this field if you want SM Tasker to automatically scrape posts from that page.

5. Page settings and filters:

  • Check every page for new posts every X minutes – this is the timer where you will need to set on how often SM Tasker will check that page for new posts to scrape. Please note that this will only start if the campaign has started.
  • Extract a maximum of X posts – set the maximum number of posts to extract per operation. All of the extracted files will be sent directly to the Post List of the Campaign for publishing.
  • Keywords – if you want to scrape only certain posts that contain a specific word, you can indicate the keyword that will be used to filter the posts. You can leave this empty if you want to scrape every new post from that page.
  • Share posts that are maximum X days old – you can set the maximum number of days that a post has been posted. For example, you want to only share posts from that page that are a maximum of 5 days old, then you can put 5 on the number of days and it will not go through posts that are older than 5 days old.
  • Share posts that have between X and Y likes – you may choose to filter the post based on the number of likes or you can put 0-0 to ignore this filter.

6. Add Page button – after you’ve configured the settings to your preference, you can click this button to add the page to the list.

The Results Table


(Screenshot showing the results section where we list the added sources and how many posts got shared)


  • From here, you will see the added page as well as the settings you’ve configured, you can still make some changes if need be.
  • The extraction will begin as soon as the campaign is started.
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