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Campaigns – View

 The Campaigns View is where you will be directed when you click on “Publishing” from the left panel menu. It displays all your existing campaigns regardless of their Status (Active, Inactive, Stopped).

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Campaign Sections

Let’s divide the Campaigns View into three sections:

  • First Section – Add the Campaigns, Filter, sort, and group the Campaigns
  • Second Section – Campaign Actions
  • Third Section – Bulk Actions 

First Section

Add Campaign button

To start creating a campaign, the first thing you’ll need to do is click the ADD CAMPAIGN button.  This action will launch the Add New Campaign window where you can select the type of campaign you want to create.

Below are the three types of Campaigns:

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Filter box

You can use this option to quickly search for a campaign.  Just type the keyword name of the campaign.

💡 When filtering the campaigns, you can use logical operators when such as:
  • AND: Symbol used &&
  • OR: Symbol used ||
  • NOT: Symbol used !

Group by Tag:

The Group by Tag option will group your campaigns via the tag you specified on that campaign as well as by the type of campaign (if no tag/s were added to each campaign).

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Filter by Tag:

When using the option Filter by Tag, only the campaign containing the specified tag will show up on the Campaigns View page.

To use this option, just select the tag from the dropdown box.  This is will come in handy when you want to focus only on specific campaigns.

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Second Section

Campaign Actions

Here you will see all the campaigns you created in SM Tasker.

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You will see the campaign details such as:

  • Status of the campaign (Stopped, Active, Inactive)
  • Name of the campaign
  • Type of Campaign
  • Number of destinations for that campaign
  • The number of Posts (Pending, Published, and Drafts)
  • Total of published posts of the current day
  • Number of campaign errors
  • Actions you can execute on each campaign (Start, Details, Clone, Delete, Re-Add All Posts, and Publish Now)
  • The tag/s you added for the campaign
  • The campaign creation date and time
  • The number of the campaign (by default, the numbering is sorted based on their creation date)
  • When was the last post published for the campaign
  • ‘Use as template’ is helpful when you want to copy all settings from a certain campaign to the new campaigns that will be created.

Third Section

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At the bottom of the Campaigns View page, you can access the bulk actions you can use on your campaigns.

  • Select All/Select None
  • Click the Manage Columns button to customize your Campaigns View page. You may select the columns that you want to show on the page as well as specify the width for each enabled column.

(insert screenshot here)

  • Actions On Selected Campaigns when you want to do actions for a number of  campaigns you ticked the check boxes on, you may use this button to open the pop-up window with more actions that you can do for the campaigns:

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