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In the Connectivity tab, you can set up and enable the integration of different supported services for added automated capabilities.

(Insert a screenshot of the Connectivity tab)

(Insert a screenshot of the Flickr API option)

  • Personal account – you can integrate your personal account with SM Tasker to shorten all the links included in your post. You can also manually shorten the links by pasting them on the Minifier text box below then clicking on ‘Minify’.

(Insert a screenshot of the Personal account option)

  • YOURLS account – Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS) also works the same way as, which helps you shorten links.

(Insert a screenshot of the YOURLS account option)

  • Global clickable image post servers – this is used when you are publishing a clickable image; you need to add at least one clickable image server.

(Insert a screenshot of the Global clickable image post servers option)

📌 You can assign a specific clickable image server for each account in Social Profiles (Advanced Profile Settings).  Otherwise, this global list will be used for all accounts that don’t have a custom server.

  • Captcha servers: You can use captcha servers to automatically solve captchas for the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts you have in SM Tasker.

(Insert a screenshot of the Captcha servers option)

📌 You can either choose to use the services of DeathByCaptcha or 2Captcha.  However, SM Tasker is just supporting the integration of the two services.  Hence, you need to have a valid account with any one of the providers with enough credits to be able to use it with SM Tasker. You can also use either DeathByCaptcha or 2Captcha one at a time.

  • Twitter phone verification – You will need to have an API key/token from the below available phone verification services and make sure it’s successfully configured before the phone verification will work.

(Insert a screenshot of the Twitter phone verification option)

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