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Email Notifications

SM Tasker offers the option to send Email Notifications when some events are triggered, like Social Profiles or proxies turning to the invalid status for example.

This is quite helpful if you want to be updated about the current status of SM Tasker, especially when you are not able to physically monitor the software.

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How To Set Email Notifications

  1. To start using the Email Notifications feature, simply check the designated checkbox for enabling email notifications and you’ll see all the available options.
  2. You can specify which email will be used to send the notifications from. When using this option, SM Tasker can send more than one email per day if the option to ‘send email immediately’ is checked. If no email is selected, SM Tasker will use its own mailing server and will send only one email per day.
  3. Specify the email address where the notification will be sent
  4. Set the time when you want to receive the notification email

📌 When the option to ‘send email immediately’ is checked, you will not be able to set the time when to receive the email. Instead, you can set the maximum number of emails to be sent daily.

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Different Options in the Email Notifications tab

There are different reports you can opt to include in your notification email.

  • Notify about invalid proxies – you can choose to be notified when any of the proxies you are using gets an Invalid status
  • Notify about invalid social profiles that have any of the following statuses – if this option is checked you will receive email notifications if the invalid social profiles have any of the checked states:

(Insert a screenshot of the invalid statuses to be notified about)

  • Notify about invalid campaigns (inactive or active with notification message) – check this option to receive notifications about campaigns with inactive status.  The notification will highlight what caused the campaigns to turn to inactive statuses
  • Notify about failed posts – when this option is checked, you will get email notifications about failed posts for all the campaigns.
  • Notify about no more results found – use this to get alerts when the follow/like/comment tool gives no more results for a specific source.
  • Notify if less than X percent of accounts with specific tagnames are valid.
  • Always send email – select this option to receive notifications emails regardless if there is an error or none.
  • Last email was sent on – this will tell you when was the last email notification from SM tasker sent to your indicated email address.
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