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Error Codes

You might notice from time to time on your Dashboard some errors. Each error is number coded in order to faster understand what went wrong. There is also a small explanation for each error, though if you want to learn more about why they happen, then please proceed below.

Before we start just keep in mind one thing, if the errors are rare, just disregard them, something unexpected might happen from time to time and SM Tasker doesn’t know how to proceed so it will give an error. Your internet might be slow or have an intermittent connection hence the page might not have loaded correctly, some pages/sites may be temporarily down or even bugs from the social platforms themselves might happen. If the errors are rare and not for the same action every time just let them be, usually SM Tasker will retry the action.

On the other hand, when there are a lot of errors or one repeating error for the same feature please make sure to contact us as soon as you spot it, social sites change how their pages look from time to time and we will update that as soon as we find it or you report it to us.

Now let’s see what types of errors you might encounter and what they all mean, here’s the list of the error codes you may encounter:

501/505 – No divs on page. We assume no internet connection, so check whether you have a slow proxy or intermittent internet connection.

506 – The embedded browser has crashed during operations. Please contact support for further assistance.

61 – No users found for Auto Follow operations. SM Tasker will try up to 4 times to re-execute the operation (with other randomly chosen input parameters).

0 – If you have an antivirus, it has most likely deleted some SM Tasker files.  You will need to exclude SM Tasker from your antivirus software and do the basic troubleshooting (you may contact support for further assistance).

1 – Email is missing from the page.  You need to check your proxy if it’s working by opening your embedded browser and accessing the account specific social networking site. If you are unable to load the pages, then you would need to change your proxy or contact your proxy provider.

2 – Invalid credentials. Delete your username and password in the username and password field on your Social Profile – Account Settings tab. After that re-enter your credentials and hit the Verify Account button.

12 – Could not locate drop text area. This usually means that the page did not completely load which is why SM Tasker is unable to locate the text field. Check your proxy if you are using a proxy, if not then check your internet connection as it might be slow or have an intermittent connection.

For all errors you can check the Embedded Browser of the account having the issue when that particular action is taking place to see what is happening at that exact time, this can provide a solution either for you directly or by contacting us with more information so we can solve the problem quickly.

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