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How To Use The Destination Lists

By definition, “destination” refers to the place where something is to be sent. And in the topic of social media, is where you publish or share your post.

A destination List is a set of destinations. It can be comprised of different social networks such as Linkedin (walls, groups, and pages), Pinterest boards and so on that are centered on a specific market or niche you are working on. You can add as many destinations as you want in a single Destination List and use it for the Campaigns that you will be creating for the purpose of automating the posts on your selected social networks.

How to create a Destination List?

1. Go to the Publishing Campaign’s Where to publish / Destination Lists tab and click the ‘Add Destination List’ button

(Screenshot of where to publish tab / Add Destination list button)

2. Next, think of a destination name that is identifiable to your niche

3. You may also add tags to make it easier to spot the destination list for a particular niche

4. Select the Social Profiles you want to include in your Destination List.

  • For every Social Profile you’ve selected, you can pick a specific destination, such as walls, groups, pages, or boards
  • For Groups, Pages/Boards, just click on the respective link, and it will open a smaller window where you can select the respective groups, pages, or boards and just close the box when you are done.

(Screenshot of all selected destinations inside the Destination list)

💡 Good to know:

Aside from adding a tag to your Destination List for easy access, you can check the options:

  • Auto Select new groups for chosen accounts. This would automatically add newly joined groups of a particular account that is included in your Destination List.  This would save you a great deal of time as compared to manually editing the list and selecting the groups.
  • To unselect or uncheck groups that require admin validation for posts, just tick the associated checkbox.
  • Auto Select destinations based on Tags

(Screenshot of Auto Select Destinations)

Destination Tab

After you’ve chosen the destinations for your Destination List, just click on the ‘Return to Destination’ link and you will be redirected to the Destination tab where you can see the Destination List you created.

(Screenshot of the created Destination list)

📌 Now that you have created a Destination List when you go back to the Destination tab, you’ll no longer see an empty page.  You will have the following information available to you.

  • Name of the Destination List
  • Total number of accounts or Social Profiles, Groups, Pages/Boards, and Walls  included in a specific list
  • Details action Link for each specific list; you click on this to edit the list
  • Clone action Link; click on this if you want to create a duplicate of the selected list
  • Delete action Link which is for removing the selected list
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