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How to use the My Account tab

Staying up to date regarding your SM Tasker license and account information is of the utmost importance and most users would often send an email to get this information.  But there is a faster way of getting informed or renewing your license and it is readily accessible.  And it is at your fingertips, both figuratively and literally speaking, just a click away.

Where is the My Account Tab?

To get there, just click on the My Account button located at the left panel menu of SM Tasker, and it will open the My Account tab.

You will see three sub-tabs there:

  • My Subscription
  • Account Information
  • Recommended Resources

My Subscription tab

On this tab, you will see the information about your current license such as the type of plan, the status of the license, the number of licenses registered to the account, and the number of remaining days you have on your license.

(insert screenshot here)

Aside from your license details, this is also the page to Renew Your License. You can choose the license type (subscription or direct payment), accounts plan (Starter, Regular, Professional, or Premium), and the number of licenses.

📌  If you need more accounts than what is currently offered, you may send an email to the SM Tasker Support team.

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Account Information tab

As the name implies, your SM Tasker account information can be viewed through this tab.  You will see the current version of your software, the email, and the name of the person the software is licensed to.

From this tab, you have the quick access buttons to:

  • Open Website Account – when clicked, opens a browser redirecting to the online SM Tasker account
  • View Invoices – this will show you the invoices for your subscriptions
  • Logout – logs you out from SM Tasker
  • Reset Password – click this to change your SM Tasker password

Moreover, you can take a swift heads-up of your total posts, average posts per day as well as minimum and maximum posts per day.

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Recommended Resources

The most unnoticed nonetheless very helpful sub-tab in the SM Tasker My Account tab is the Recommended Resources tab.  This is the ‘go-to’ tab for those who want to know more about the functionalities and essentials of the software.  It gives you quick access to the SM Tasker Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials, Recommended Proxy, Free VPS write-ups, and Recommended VPS.

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