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LinkedIn Accept Connection Requests

In growing your Linkedin network, sending connection request is equally important as accepting them.  Thus, if you are looking to automate this process, you can use SM Tasker to avoid the hassle of manually accepting the requests.

How to automatically accept requests in SM Tasker?

You can make use of the Accept Connection Requests tool.  To access this tool, just go to TOOLS page > click the Linkedin account where you want to run the tool > click Accept Connection Requests from the left sub-menu

(Screenshot here)

Setting up the tool:

This tool is very easy to use. And just like most SM Tasker tools, you start with configuring the Run Timers which control the behavior of the tool.

(Screenshot here)

1. Wait Between X and Y minutes before each operation:

  • This is the interval that the tool will wait before it starts a new operation.

2. Accept between X and Y connection requests for each operation:

  • You can change the numbers here depending on how many connection requests would you like to accept in each operation.

3. Execute Between X and Y:

  • Indicate the hours when you want the tool to operate.
  • You can  ‘add an interval’ for the execution hours as well as ‘randomize intervals daily’.

4. Days of the week when to operate:

  • Select or check the days when the tool will execute actions.
  • You may opt to rotate the days and SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected. The selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want the tool to execute during those days.

Additional Options:

5. Send a Message to the accepted connections:

  • You can check this option if you want to send a message after you have accepted a connection request.
  • There are different TOKENS you use on your message and it will be replaced by corresponding user information.
  • Please note that you need to activate the Contact tool > Send Messages tab to start sending messages.

6. Secondary Messages:

  • Use this if you want to send a second message when the user has replied OR has not replied after the initial message was sent.
  • You can set how many times it will retry.
  • There is also an option to Edit Secondary Messages.

💡  You can click on the “How It Works” button to know more about how the option to secondary messages works.

Accepted Requests table:

  • From this table, you will see all the accepted requests.
  • You have the option to click Browse which when clicked will open a browser and go to the profile of the accepted user
  • The Copy action will copy the profile link of the user
  • You can replicate the settings to other Linkedin Accept tool by clicking the Copy Settings button.

(Screenshot here)


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