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LinkedIn Search and Connect tool

The Linkedin Search and Connect tool enables you to automate sending a connection request to people that match the search performed through keywords. It is quite useful as it makes things easier in terms of growing your Linkedin connections.

LinkedIn allows you to send Connection requests either by:

  • Doing a search and sending connection requests from the results directly without visiting the profile which is done using the Search and Connect tool.
  • Visiting the profile and then connecting with that user which is done using the Connector tool.

💡 Keep in mind that there is a limitation on the number of profiles you can visit on Linkedin, so if you are getting closer to those limits, you can use the Search and Connect tool because it can send the connection without visiting the profile.

However, if you want the person to see that you visited their profile prior to sending the request, then you should consider using the Linkedin Connector tool instead.

How to access the Search and Connect tool:

To start using the tool, go to TOOLS page, click on your Linkedin account then the Search and Connect tab.

(Screenshot here)

Settings tab

As you can see, there are 3 tabs available for the Linkedin Search and Connect tool, the Settings, Sources and Results tab.

The Run Timers section:

(Screenshot here)

  1. The ‘wait between’ time before each new operation; it shows you the number of seconds that the tool will wait before starting a new operation
  2. The number of connections that will be sent per operation; this number shows you  how many connections the tool will process for each operation
  3. The maximum number of connections to send per day and per hour; SM TASKER will choose a random number between X-Y each day and will use that as the maximum number of connections per day and per hour.
  4. This option allows you to choose hours when the Search and Connect tool will execute its action.
  5. You can select the days when you want the tool to execute actions. In addition, you have the option to rotate the days.

💡 Tip: When rotating days, SM TASKER would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected. The selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to send connection requests on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Settings section:

(Screenshot here)

  1. This option allows you to cancel requests if users do not accept connection request after X days
    1. 1 You can use this option to maintain the number of pending requests under Y, note that setting this value to a low number will result in the connections requests being canceled before users get a chance to see them.
  1. This feature lets you add a custom note to the connection requests inside. Having a note added will result in a higher acceptance rate.
  2. You can use this option to prevent Contact tool from sending messages to users that were connected with this tool.
  3. This option allows you to automatically shorten the link inside your Note by using Bitly or Yourls. You can set them up in Settings >> Connectivity tab and you can use either Yourls or Bitly.

Sources tab

Unlike the Connector tool, the Search and Connect tool, you can only use one type of source when searching for people and that is through keywords.

(Screenshot here)

1. To search via keyword, just type in the word you want to use when looking for people you want to connect to.

2. After you’ve decided on the keyword as well as the degree of connections where you will extract users from.

⭐ 3.  You can also associate tags to the keyword(s) and this will be connected to the user profiles.

4. Then click on the ADD INPUT button.  The added keyword will be listed in the table below it.

5. Now, if there is a keyword where you wish to only extract from a specific degree of connection OR in case you missed setting it up initially, you can opt to check or uncheck the connection from here.

6. You can select additional information to further narrow your searches such as location, company, industries, schools, past companies, and title.

⭐ Adding Tags: You can add tags that will be associated with the user that is scraped using the specified keyword. These tags will come in handy when using other LinkedIn tools such as the:

  • Contact Tool – when the connection is accepted and the Friends has been updated, you can choose to select only users with the specific tag when sending messages (Contact > Use Members tab > Advanced Selection > indicate the tag in Tags Filter)
  • Search and Contact – where you can use the source  ‘Connection tags’ and create a custom message specific for users with that tag.

Results tab

(Screenshot here)

All users that received a connection request is recorded on the Results tab. From here, you will see some useful information such as:

  • The date and time when the connection request has been sent.
  • Name of that user.
  • The keyword that was used when extracting the user.
  • The tag(s) associated, if any.
  • Status of your connection request.

If you want to have a copy of the people you have sent a connection request to, you can click on Export All. Now, if you want to clear the Results table, you can opt to click Delete All.

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