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Posting to your Social Profiles

One of the main features of SM Tasker is to schedule your posts in advance on all your social media accounts. This will make sure you always post on time and have a good posting schedule that will keep your followers engaged and wanting more.

In order to make your first post on your social account you will need to set up 2 things:

  1. A “Campaign” that will do the posting at your specified times.
  2. A “Destination list” with the places you want to post to

This setup needs to be done only once, after that you just go into your campaign and continue to add more posts. So let’s get started.

First, we need to create our campaign so let’s go to the “Publishing” tab and create it. Click on the “Add publishing campaign” button and you will be presented with 3 choices, each has its usage and they are thoroughly explained in the Knowledge Base, we’ll just create a Standard campaign now so click on “Add standard campaign”.

Welcome to your first Standard Campaign, give it a name for starters so you can easily recognize it later. Let’s call this “My first campaign”. Now let’s make the presentations really fast so you know how a campaign works and after that, we will set it up. Each campaign has several tabs as you can see, they are as follows:

(insert a screenshot of all campaign’s tabs here)

  • “Overview” – the place where you name your Publishing campaign and choose the main setting that will govern all posts made by that Publishing campaign
  • “What to publish” – the place where you add the posts that will be published on your accounts. You can add posts one by one, in bulk via .csv or file imports, via RSS feeds, and by monitoring a folder.
  • “Where to publish” – this is where you will configure where this campaign will publish the posts. We will select for now the destination list created earlier.
  • “When to publish” – this is where you tell SM Tasker when to publish the posts on your social accounts. You can set it to publish at exact times each day or just randomize it completely. There are many options here so you can set it up exactly the way you want it.
  • “Drafts” – here is the list where you keep unfinished posts that you want to work on some more.
  • “Post list” – this is the list of posts pending publishing. SM Tasker will take a post from here each time it needs to publish a new one.
  • “History” – this is where published posts appear after SM Tasker published them, you will be able to see direct links to the posts and other details in case the post failed.


After that, we will need to either select destinations where you want to publish or create a destination list.

We will go to the “Where to publish / Destination lists tab” and click on “Add Destination List”. A new page will appear, this is your newly created destination list. Give it a name, so you can easily recognize it, like “My first destination list”, you can also give it a tag so that in case you have several destination lists for several accounts you can easily group them together.

(insert a screenshot of the destination list tab here)

Underneath you will see a table with all the valid accounts you added to SM Tasker. Twitter profiles only have the wall available for selection. For Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn you have the possibility to select one or more groups, one or more pages, and the wall or profile page itself. Make sure you also select the profile to make it usable in the destination list. It should automatically select itself the first time you choose a destination on a profile, but just make sure this is selected too.

Let’s select for this example, 1 Twitter Wall, 1 Linkedin Wall, 1 Linkedin Group, and 1 Linkedin Page. This will be our first destination list.

(insert a screenshot of the selected destinations here)

Now that you’re more familiar with how a campaign looks like let’s continue to publish our first post on the destination list we created. Since our campaign already has a name and we don’t need to look at the advanced settings, for now, let’s go to the second tab, “What to publish” and add our first post.

In the first text box here, let’s write our first post “Hey guys, how is your day today?”.

(insert a screenshot of the What to publish tab here)

Let’s also add an image to this post so click on the “Photos” button next to the camera. A window will appear prompting you to upload an image from your computer, you can also drag and drop it here. If you want you can also add multiple images to your post. After you’ve added the photo click on “Add photos”

(insert a screenshot of how to add photos here)

Once your post is ready click on “Add to post list”. In case your post is not ready and you want to work on it at a later time, you can also click on “Add to drafts”. Let’s just add this one to the post list and go to the post list and see that it is listed here. You can also edit any of your posts in the post list if you want, delete them, publish them immediately or send them to the drafts list.

(insert a screenshot of how to press Add to post list here)

Now that we have our first post let’s tell our campaign where to publish it. Go to the “Where to publish” tab and select the destination that you created earlier. If you need to you can select multiple destinations lists here, for now, 1 will suffice.

(insert a screenshot of the selected destination list here)

The next step is to tell the campaign when to publish, so go to the “When to publish tab”. Let’s tell it to publish 5 times a day, 5 random timers will be created for you. If you wish you can edit each of the timers and set it to the exact time when you want to publish your posts.

(insert a screenshot of When to publish tab here)

As you can see there are a lot of other advanced options here that will allow you to better target the exact times of the day when you want to post. You can also choose to post or not on certain days of the week by selecting or deselecting the days here. We’ll just make sure one of the timers is close by so it picks up the post that we just created.

Now that our post was posted we should go to the “History tab” and see what it looks like. As you can notice it was successful on all the destinations, we can see here direct links to each post SM Tasker did for us.

(insert screenshot of the History tab / Details / pointing Browse and Browse embedded options here)

Congratulations, you just automatically shared your post on your social account through SM Tasker. Now that you have everything set up it will be even easier, you just need to add new posts and it will keep posting for you at the specified times.

You just saved yourself several hours of extra work each week and can concentrate from now on only on creating amazing content and not on doing the tedious manual work anymore.

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