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Recommended Proxies

If you’re using SM Tasker with a lot of accounts, you will definitely need to use proxies. They will provide alternate IPs that you will use so the social networks don’t know it’s one person behind these accounts.

There are a lot of proxy providers out there as many people do this. Some are better some are worse, if you have a favorite proxy provider feel free to use them, if not our warm recommendation is to use High proxies.

More about what proxies you should use

If you’re serious about your accounts I recommend not getting cheap proxies. They are really important and they need to work long term. Some cheap providers can sell the same private proxies to multiple people or have them on slow hardware and all this will hurt your accounts in the end.

Whatever you do though, NEVER use free proxies on your accounts. Those proxies are extremely bad, you never know who else used them and for what purpose, and could ruin your accounts permanently.

Other things to know about proxies

1. You can use the same proxy on multiple social platforms with no problems, it’s actually a very good idea to cut on costs and not create problems. So you can easily use 1 proxy for 1 Twitter, 1 Pinterest, 1 Tumblr, and 1 LinkedIn

2. Don’t use too many accounts on one proxy, each platform has a different limit on this, on Twitter, up to 10, Pinterest 5 accounts. This is if you absolutely have to reduce some costs. If you can, ideally always use 1 account per proxy, that will hide your footprints the best.

3. You can have a maximum of 2-3 accounts on your home IP and see how it goes.  In excess, you may need to start using a reliable residential or 4G mobile proxy on the accounts. We don’t recommend using more than 2 accounts per social network per one IP address or one proxy. Of course, one IP/proxy per account is ideal, but you should be safe with 2 accounts.

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