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Recommended VPS

SM Tasker runs on a windows machine as you might already know. Some people might not have one, in which case running it on a VPS is the next best choice.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it’s practically another computer running 24/7 to which you can connect and do things as you would on your home computer. You can connect to it from anywhere in the world and it continues to run and do its job even when you are not connected that is why it is a great idea to have one to run your tools on.

Depending on how many accounts you use in SM Tasker you will need a more or less powerful VPS. Granted, the better the VPS the better your experience with it will be, however, if you don’t have the funds you don’t need to go bankrupt in order to get one. That is why we prepared 2 VPS recommendations for you:

  1. A FREE Windows VPS for 1 year – for people running under 5-6 accounts. If all you want is for your accounts to run continuously without you keeping your computer on 24/7 but you don’t have a lot of accounts this will be your best option. It’s free and runs decently so give it a try.
  2. If you’re a more serious marketer and have more than 10 accounts you will need a more powerful VPS in order for it to work as intended. For this purpose, we recommend Green Cloud VPS.  We’ve been working with them for a long time and both our test machines and our clients are happy with their hardware and the way they work.

Unlike the setup for the free Amazon VPS, the setup for the Green Cloud one is a lot faster and easier, you make the payment and wait for the VPS to be ready, and once ready you connect to it and start using it the way you need.

If you’re wondering what VPS you should choose know that it all depends on how you want to use it and with how many accounts. As a general guideline, with moderate actions for each account, the following should help :

  • up to 5 accounts the free Amazon offer should be perfect
  • up to 20 accounts a VPS with 2-3GB of RAM
  • up to 50 accounts a VPS with 4-6GB or RAM
  • up to 100 accounts a VPS with 8GB of RAM
  • more than 100 accounts go for at least 16GB of RAM or a dedicated server and not a VPS.

Again, these are general guidelines, if you set it up to do thousands of actions daily with each account you can fully load an 8Gb RAM machine with 20-30 accounts easily.


  • since SM Tasker is using local databases to keep its data, it’s recommended that your VPS has an SSD and not just an HDD. This will greatly improve its performance.
  • do not use SM Tasker on Windows 2008, it should be something newer, like at least Windows 2016

In case you’ve never used a VPS before and you’re not sure how it works, the second part of the free amazon tutorial will help as it lists a lot of guides on how to use a VPS, check it out:


For Windows:

For Mac OS:

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