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SM Tasker Overview


SM Tasker is a powerful tool that helps users automate and manage their social media accounts. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, grow your following, or streamline your content schedule, SM Tasker can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. With a range of supported platforms, features, and customizable settings, it can help users to save time and energy while growing their online presence.

The Dashboard Section

After you install and log in to the software the first screen you will see is the “Dashboard” and more specifically the “Summary” tab.  After you add accounts to SM Tasker and they start working you will see here everything that is done for each account.

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You also have a tab with Statistics” where you can see a graph of your account’s evolution over time.

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The next tab is “What’s new” where you will see the change log of the software. As it is updated quite often, even twice a week, you will see here all the new features and bug fixes that we do for you.

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Contact Support” will allow you to get in touch with the SM Tasker Support Team should you have any problems.

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And lastly, the “Notifications” tab is where SM Tasker will send you notifications concerning your accounts and campaigns like running out of posts, running out of sources, invalid accounts, and so on.

We’ve finished with the first main section of the software, the Dashboard, we’ll now talk about the rest of the main sections one by one.

The Social Profiles section

This is where you will add the social media accounts that you will be using with SM Tasker.  Just click the “Add Profile” button to start this process.

As you can see we currently support the following platforms: Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, and Email.

All account types are treated almost the same, some will have extra features and tools that are specific to that account type but most of the tools are quite similar.

(insert screenshot here)

The Tools section

Here you will see the available tools for each account. As you add different types of accounts for different social platforms, you will notice the variety of tools available at your disposal.

Each tool for each account runs independently so you can set different tools to run for each account.  For instance, you can set up a LinkedIn account to run the Follow, Unfollow, Like, and Comment tools at the same time to generate engagement for your account.  The automated actions mimic actions that you would normally do on your account.

(insert screenshot here)

If you click on an account name here, you will see all the tools available for that particular account. Let’s say you click on a Twitter account you see the tools available for the Twitter platform.

At the moment they are as follows: Follow, Unfollow, Favorite, Retweet/Reply, Contact, Mention, Delete Posts, and Full Browser Experience.

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The Settings section

This section pertains to the settings of SM Tasker. As you can see they, are divided into several tabs that explain more about what kind of settings you can find on each tab.

You have: Software Settings, Embedded Browser (this is the internal browser used to automate the actions SM Tasker does), Social Platforms, Connectivity, Error/Backup, Email Notifications, Actions, and Security tab.

You can easily go through the settings as most are self-explanatory. If you need additional information or guidance about any of them,  you may contact our Support Team.

(insert screenshot here)

The Proxy Manager section

If you add multiple accounts to SM Tasker, you will definitely need to use proxies for some of them so you don’t leave footprints. Once you start adding proxies they will show up here and you can easily manage them, see which account is assigned to which proxy, and some other useful information.

(insert screenshot here)

The My Account section

You will find details about your account here, what license you’re on, how much time you have left for your license, and whether you have an active subscription or not.

If you don’t have an active subscription you will also be able to create a new subscription so you make sure your SM Tasker license will renew monthly.

(insert screenshot here)

The Publishing section

Here is the place where you will schedule all the posting done on your accounts, be it on walls, boards/pages, or groups.

If you click the ‘Add Publishing Campaign’ button you will start the process of creating a new campaign. As you can see there are 3 types of campaigns: Standard, Volume, and Scheduled. Each one is designed to be used in specific cases and will be discussed under The Campaigns section of the Knowledge Base.

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The Social Exchange section

We have a dedicated tab for the Social Exchange tool, where you can exchange interactions (through give-and-receive actions) with other accounts.

Each social platform has its own respective tab and the following sub-tabs:

(insert screenshot here)

Twitter: Like and Retweet

YouTube: Like and View

LinkedIn: Like and Share

Quora: Upvote

Pinterest: Repin

TikTok (beta): Like and View


In summary, SM Tasker is a great solution for anyone looking to automate and manage their social media accounts in an efficient way. It’s easy to use and it provides a range of functions that are designed to help users to take full control of their social media accounts.

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