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SM Tasker System Requirements

SM Tasker is a Windows-based software, therefore, you will need a computer running Windows.  You may also use it on a virtual private server or dedicated server that is operating on a Windows environment.

  • If you are planning to use it on your own computer, we recommend using Windows 7 SP2, 8, or 10 OS.
  • Otherwise, on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server, we recommend using Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, or 2019 OS.

For a more convenient solution and optimal performance, we suggest using SM Tasker on a Windows VPS.  This solution will enable you to run the software 24/7 without having your computer up and running all the time.

How much power does SM Tasker require?

Determining the technical specifications of the computer or VPS where you will be installing SM Tasker would greatly depend on how many social accounts and the activities you wish to automate on each of the said accounts.

For instance, on normal usage, which means using 2-3 social accounts and posting up to 10 posts per day with each of them, a computer with 2GB of RAM and 2 Cores CPU should work fine.

Therefore, if you are looking into adding and automating more social accounts, you will need a more powerful computer. Managing 10 or more social accounts requires at least 4GB of RAM.


➡ Having an SSD disk in your computer significantly improves the performance, so if you have the resources, use SM Tasker on a computer with an SSD disk.

➡If you experience any issues while running SM Tasker on older and less powerful systems, all is not lost. There is an option to configure the number of primary and secondary browsers that will work at the same time.  You may adjust (decrease the value) in order to make SM Tasker run more smoothly.

For example, if you run 10 social accounts, 3-4 simultaneous connections (primary embedded browsers) would be enough to complete all tasks assigned to it.

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