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Social Profile – Friends

The Friends tab in the Social profiles section is available only for LinkedIn social profiles.  Here you can see a list of all your LinkedIn connections.

This list is updated as soon as you add a profile and SM Tasker finishes its synchronization. Depending on how many connections you have, syncing can take from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

You can also sync it manually through Social Profiles > click ‘Actions’ beside the account > Sync.

(insert a screenshot of the Friends tab here)

1. On the Friends table, you can see their names, usernames, and URLs (links) to profiles.

2. Next to each listed user you have the following buttons:

  • BROWSE – opens the friend’s profile via an external browser
  • BROWSE EMBEDDED – opens the friend’s profile through the embedded browser used by the social account
  • COPY – copies the URL of your friend’s profile

Notice that the LinkedIn view also has an additional column for the Tags (if any).

(insert a screenshot of the Friends tab with the marked Tags column here)

3. To update the list of friends/connections before SM Tasker does the synchronization, click on the ‘UPDATE FRIENDS’ button at the top of the Friends’ table


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