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Social Profile – Groups

The Groups tab in the Social Profiles section will show you all the groups that your social profile has joined. This tab is available for LinkedIn social profiles.

When you add a social profile to SM Tasker for the first time, the application will automatically sync all the groups that this profile has joined and then add them to this tab. In case you join new groups later, they will also be added when the next synchronization occurs.  You can also sync it manually thru Social Profiles > click ‘Actions’ beside the account > Sync.

How often SM Tasker will check for newly joined groups and do the syncing depends on the sync settings you have set in SM Tasker’s general Settings or Advanced Settings for this specific social profile.

(insert a screenshot of the Groups tab here)

1. From the Groups tab, you will see all the Groups your account is associated with.  The table contains the most important data about your groups like Name, number of members in the group, and the tag you assigned to them.

2. Next to each group there are five buttons and of course, each one has a different purpose:

  • BROWSE – opens the group in your external browser
  • BROWSE EMBEDDED – opens the group in SM Tasker’s Embedded Browser for that specific Social profile
  • COPY – copies that group’s URL so you can easily paste it wherever you need
  • SEND TO IGNORE – sends the group to the Ignore tab in case you want SM Tasker to avoid posting to this group
  • SEND TO UNJOINER– sends the group to the Unjoiner tool so SM Tasker can unjoin it when you start the tool

3. At the top of the Groups tab you will find filtering options so you can filter your groups by keywords or tags, but also filter them by the number of users.

4. There are a couple more functions located at the bottom of the page that can help you manage your groups more efficiently:

  • Select All button – selects all groups
  • Select None – deselects all groups
  • Select None – deselects all groups
  • Reverse Selection – deselects selected and selects not selected groups
  • Show Only Selected Items – shows only selected groups in the list and removes the rest, to reverse this, just click on Show All button
  • Show Only Selected Items – shows only selected groups in the list and
  • Update #Users – updates the number of members in each group. This feature is used in case you want to get the right number of group members at any given time.

5. In case you want to do bulk actions on the groups such as sending them to the Ignore tab, Unjoiner tool, tag them or remove the tag, you can simply select the groups by checking the box next to them in the SELECTED column and then click on EXECUTE ACTIONS ON SELECTED ITEMS button located at the bottom of the page. The drop-down menu will show up and you will be able to execute your wanted action on multiple groups easily with one click.

You also have the option to export the groups into an Excel file.

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