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Social Profile – Ignore

The Ignore tab is available on some supported social platforms namely, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter profiles.

This section in SM Tasker serves different purposes depending on the social network.

  • For Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts, the Ignore tab contains all users SM Tasker has unfollowed. These users are kept here so SM Tasker has the record of users that have been unfollowed in order to avoid following them again.
  • For Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube, this tab can also contain a list of pages (Pinterest boards, Tumblr sub-blogs, YouTube channels) that you have manually sent from the Pages tab to Ignore to avoid posting on them through SM Tasker.
  • For LinkedIn profiles, the Ignore tab will also contain groups that you have manually sent from the Groups tab to the Ignore tab to avoid interacting with those groups.

(Insert a screenshot of the Ignore tab here)

  1. All ignored users, groups, and pages are listed in the table. Table contains:
  • Selection checkbox
  • Names of items
  • Number of users (if the item is a group),
  • Date when the item was added to the Ignore tab,
  • Source (manually added or if the item is an unfollowed user, see image below for possible sources),
  • Type (user, page, group, or event),
  • Tag (if the item is a group, page, or event)
  • Link – ignored item’s URL

(Insert a Screenshot of the list with the marked “Source” column here)

  1. Functions above the table will allow you to Export or Import items from/to the Ignore tab, send items from the Ignore tab of the current social profile to the Ignore tabs of all other profiles, to send the selected items to the Unjoiner tool (LinkedIn) and remove all selected or unselected.

✅ To select items, you can check the box next to them in the SELECTED column.

  1. To select multiple items at once, filter them or execute bulk actions, you will need to use the ADVANCED SELECTION feature. After clicking on the ADVANCED SELECTION, you will be able to filter items by name or tags and easily select them so you can remove them from the Ignore tab.
  2. You can also execute bulk actions on selected items through the ‘Execute Actions On Selected Items’ button.

(Insert a screenshot  of the Advanced selection and the Execute actions on selected items option pointed here)

📌 Good to know:

  • Removing users from the Ignore tab (for Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr social profiles) may result in following those users again.
  • Groups and Pages/Boards that were sent to the Ignore tab can be re-added in the respective tabs by deleting them from the Ignore tab and re-syncing the account.
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