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Social Profile – Pages

Similar to the Groups tab, all associated pages of your account are automatically added to this tab after your profile has been added and account synchronization has occurred.

The Pages tab is available for Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social profiles.  What will you see in this tab depends on the social platform:

  • For LinkedIn profiles, you will see a list of Pages that you are managing.
  • For Pinterest, you will see a list of all Pinterest boards you have on your profile.
  • For Tumblr, a list of your blogs will be added there.
  • For YouTube, the pages listed will be your YouTube channels.

(insert a screenshot of the Pages tab here)

1. You will have the table with all Pages of the account. In the table, you can see the Name of the page, Type, and tag.

2. The last column on the right, the ACTIONS column, has four buttons:

  • Browse – opens the page in an external browser
  • Browse Embedded – opens the page through the account’s embedded browser for that specific Social profile
  • Copy – copies the page’s URL so you can easily paste it wherever you need
  • Send to Ignore– sends the page to the Ignore tab in case you want SM Tasker to avoid posting to this page
  • Delete Other Page – this option is only available for pages you manually added (LinkedIn)

3. As already stated above, your pages are added here automatically, but you are not limited to that. You have the option to add other pages that you don’t own or manage through the ADD OTHER PAGE (LinkedIn) feature at the top of the Pages window. All you need to do is enter the Page name and URL and then click on the respective button for adding them.

📌 The IMPORT OTHER PAGES button will allow you to import pages from .csv files; a pretty useful option especially if you have an existing list of pages you want to add.

4. You also have the Filter feature. Filtering can be done by the names or the tags that you assigned to your pages.

5. For added convenience, you can use the EXECUTE ACTIONS ON SELECTED ITEMS button located at the bottom of the Page’s tab to execute selected actions on multiple Pages. Just select the Pages where you want to execute a particular action prior to clicking the magic button.  There are several bulk actions that you can execute such as sending the selected pages to other Pages tabs of the same social network, adding/removing tags, sending the pages to the Ignore tab, and so on.

6. At the bottom of Page’s tab, you will also find these buttons:

  • Select All button – selects all pages
  • Select None – deselects all pages
  • Select None – Filtered
  • Reverse Selection – deselects selected and selects not selected pages
  • Show Only Selected Items – shows only selected pages in the list and removes the rest, to reverse this, just click on Show All button

Pinterest has an additional button below:

  • Create a Destination List for Every Selected Board – the selected board will be given its own destination list.
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