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Social Profiles – Adding a new account

Before you can take advantage of the full functionality that SM Tasker has to offer, you will first need to add your accounts in Social Profiles. This action would be the heart and soul of your SM Tasker venture.

By adding and validating your social accounts, you’ll be able to set up automated actions on your accounts such as posting and tools actions which would greatly help in growing your social media presence and eventually drive more traffic to your business

How to Add an Account

1. To start adding your account, navigate to the “Social Profiles” section and click on the “Add Profile” button located at the left menu panel of SM Tasker’s user interface.

2. After you clicked on Add Profile button, a pop-up window will appear and from there, you will be able to select the social network of the account you are about to add.  You can add an account (one at a time) for any of the supported social networks which include LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Quora, and Email.

Note:  If you want to import social profiles in bulk, click on the SHOW DEMO IMPORT FILE link to get a sample format that is required in order to import multiple accounts successfully.

3. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will add a Linkedin account (the steps are pretty much the same as with adding an account for any other social platform) so click on the ‘Add Profile’ button below the Linkedin logo

(Insert a screenshot of the Add profile option here)

4. You will then be re-directed to the Account Settings tab where you can add the account information such as the login credentials of the account as well as other details for the account.


  • Adding an Account Name, description, and tag to the account is optional but we highly suggest that you do it as it would make it easier to identify and sort out the accounts especially if you’ll be managing a lot of accounts in the future. Use a name, description, or tag that best describes the account.
  • Assigning a proxy for an account is also optional, it depends on how many accounts of the same social platform you’re planning to use on SM Tasker. If you’ll be adding more than 3 accounts of the same social network, then we suggest using a proxy for the account as a precaution.

(Insert a screenshot including settings tab – name and proxy options here)

5. Scrolling down the Settings tab, you will find the designated boxes where you need to provide the username and password of the account. Before you click the Verify Account button, make sure that you have the correct login information, otherwise, SM Tasker will not be able to successfully log in to your account.

Note:  Alternately, if you don’t wish to add your username and password to SM Tasker for automatic login, you can opt to do a ‘Manual login’ where you can login to through the embedded browser of the account just like how you would do normally on your regular browser.  Please note though that when you choose to manually login, SM Tasker will not be able to automatically re-login to the account.

6. Finally, click the Verify Account button.

(Insert a screenshot of the settings tab – credentials and verify account button here)

Note:  A successful login attempt will show a ‘VALID’ status for the account.  If you get a different status like:

(Insert a screenshot of Valid status here)

Invalid Credentials – it means that either the username or password you provided is incorrect; remove and re-add both username and password by manually typing the information as opposed to doing a ‘copy and paste’ action.

Initializing – could mean that there could be an additional verification that requires your attention; you can click on the Browse button to check the embedded browser of the account and manually complete the required action

Invalid – this status is indicative of insufficient information required to validate the account

Pending – this means you have not clicked on the Verify Account button

Show Advanced Profile Settings

To access and configure an advanced account specific setting, tick the checkbox ‘Show Advanced Profile Settings’.  You will see 4 sections: General, Synchronization, Info, and Cookies.

General Section

In the General section, you will find various useful features that will help you manage your accounts more efficiently.

(Insert screenshot of the General section here)

  • Enable Find and replace tokens – this option can be used to replace specific text in your published posts by this specific profile with your desired text.
  • Clickable Image Post servers – used when you want to assign a specific clickable image server for the account; this server will be used whenever you publish a clickable image post on the account
  • Enable Nightmode – in case you want to allot a local nightmode for a particular account, this is where you set it up. You may opt to randomize the hours when nigthmode will be active in the account or when the account is going to sleep.

Note: There are 2 ways of enabling nightmode in SM Tasker, you have global and local. Global nightmode (in the Settings Section of SM Tasker), applies to all accounts running in SM Tasker while local nightmode is limited to a specific account only.

  • Send a maximum of X posts per day – this option helps you control how many posts this specific account will publish each day so you don’t go over the limit in case the account is used as a destination for multiple campaigns. If you do not want to limit the posting activity on the account, simply set it to 0.
  • Enable stop account until a certain date or after a certain date – as implied, this feature will stop the account until or after the date specified there
  • Embedded Browser UserAgent – this is where you can assign a different UserAgent for the account, otherwise, SM Tasker will use the UserAgent configured in the Settings – Software Settings Section.
  • Startup URL — By default, the startup URL of the profile is the social network’s URL, but in case you want to change that, you can use this option.

Synchronization Section

(Insert a screenshot of the Sync section here)

Upon successful login, SM Tasker would then synchronize your account to get the friends, groups, and pages/boards (depending on social platform) associated with your account so you may then use them within the software.

You have the option to set how often the account will do a sync action as well as the information that will be gathered during the said process.

Info Section

(Insert a screenshot of the Info section here)

In this section of Advanced Profile Settings you can:

  • Mark as Valid – used in case the account is successfully logged in but SM Tasker shows it’s invalid due to changes made by social networks. This rarely happens and we solve these issues with regular updates.
  • Copy Settings – an option that you can use to copy settings from one account to another. For example, if you set the night mode on your account and want to copy it to other accounts, you can use it to do this quickly and avoid setting night mode for every social account separately.

Cookies Section

If you have existing cookies for the account (from an external browser) and you want to use them on SM Tasker, you have the option to import them before you validate the account.  You can also export cookies if you need to.

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