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Software Settings

Like any other software, there is a place where you can configure global settings for your SM Tasker and you can access it through the Settings section located in the left panel menu.

The Settings section has 8 tabs and the first one is the Software Settings tab.  On this tab, you will see the general software options which you can tweak to personalize SM Tasker according to your needs and preferences.

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Software Settings Options:

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1. Application theme – this lets you choose from the dropdown which theme would be applied to SM Tasker.

2. Run SM Tasker at system startup – this will enable SM Tasker to automatically run upon  computer startup

3. Show tooltip when minimizing to the system tray- will show a tooltip notification when you hit X from the top right corner of SM Tasker’s interface reminding you that you minimized the screen and it’s running on the system tray as seen on the image below

4. Recreate desktop shortcuts at startup – this option will automatically create an SM Tasker shortcut on your desktop upon software startup, in case you accidentally deleted it

5. Start App minimized – when SM Tasker is opened, it will start with a minimized window.

6. Show the same accounts in Social Profile Details and Tools Details as in Social Profiles and Tools – use this option if you want the same filters that you applied in Social Profiles and Tools to be applied for the accounts shown in Details.

7. Enable Global Night mode –  if this option is enabled, no action regardless of social profiles will be executed during the in-between hours that the night mode is active.  You can randomize the hours when the night mode will be active.

✅ While the effect is global, there is an exemption to the rule.  If you’ve set a local night mode for a particular account through Advanced Profile Settings in Social Profiles, there is an option that will exclude the said accounts in the global nightmare.

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8. Enable Global Find & Replace for Post Text (applies to all campaigns) – check this option if you want SM Tasker to find and replace specific text in all existing campaigns.

✅ As seen from the examples provided in the text box, you have X=Y, where X is the word that it would look for while Y is the word that will replace X word.

9. Wait a minimum of X hours before executing a new synchronization on an account. (the actual value is randomized) –  this is how often the accounts in Social Profiles will do a sync action

10. Allow up to X campaigns to process RSS feeds at the same time – this refers to how many campaigns should process RSS feeds at the same time

11. Use Tab instead of a comma (“,”) for CSV exports – check this option if you want the exported files from SM Tasker to have tabs as delimiters instead of commas

12. Enable Contact different users across all accounts configured in SM Tasker – use this option if you want SM Tasker to avoid contacting the same users (via the Contact tool) across all the accounts of the same social network.

13. When posting videos select a random frame for the cover (thumbnail) – this option will allow SM Tasker to automatically choose a random frame from the video instead of the first frame and use it as its thumbnail

14. Change video hash before posting –  when checked, it would modify the video’s hash, thus making it unique

15. Do not show info messages – this option prevents SM Tasker from showing tooltips containing a piece of information about how some options work (hover your mouse on this option to see a sample).

16. Use local pc culture for date-time, calendar format (am/pm, first day of the week ..) – will let SM Tasker use your local PC settings for date, time, and calendar format instead of the default format

17. Enable Auto Restart SM Tasker after a minimum of X hours – set this option to automatically restart SM Tasker after a specific number of hours from the specific time it started running

18. Restart SM Tasker daily at X – here you can set SM Tasker to restart during a specific time of the day

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19. Install new available updates between HH:MM and HH:MM – lets you choose the time interval when updates will get installed

20. Force the app to remain with one update version behind the latest – instead of updating to the latest version, your SM Tasker will be kept one update behind.

21. Limit the number of records in any list to X –  defines the maximum number of records to keep in different results such as the Follow Results tab and the likes

22. Limit the number of Dashboard – Summary items to X – this will limit the number of event logs that can be viewed in the Dashboard – Summary tab

24. Limit the number of posts in Campaigns to X – is the maximum number of posts that each campaign will accommodate

25. Limit the number of files in Monitor Folder to X – the maximum number of files that a Monitor Folder can accommodate.

(insert screenshot here)

26. Recreate the Dashboard window each time it’s visited (check this if you have issues with the Graph from Statistics) –  this option will refresh the display on the Dashboard window whenever you re-visit the said window

27. Force campaigns to keep the same Creation Date on posts sent from Drafts – use this option to keep the same creation date of the posts when sent from Drafts to Posts List tab.

28. Enable performance analysis – this is only enabled when requested by support; this is mainly used to help analyze how SM Tasker is using resources

29. Embedded Browser User Agent – lets you can change the generic user agent that the embedded browser will use

30. Reset open file dialog – check this option if SM Tasker crashes when trying to import data

31. Disable Social Profiles description tooltip – you can enable this option in case the description tooltip blocks the name of the profile when you mouse over a particular account in Social Profiles

32. Database integrity check (advanced settings)

33. Export passwords on Social profiles export – when this option is checked, passwords will be exported as plain text when exporting Social Profiles

34. Resize and flip images when changing MD5 – this will improve image uniqueness and will be applied in all the places where MD5 is used. You may choose whether to resize and flip, flip only, or resize only.

35. Number of simultaneous tasks used for importing campaign posts from CSV – here you can specify the number of simultaneous tasks used for importing campaign posts from CSV

36. Hide license days left – this will not show the XX days of license left on the sidebar.

37. Ignore emojis when searching in text – this lets SM Tasker disregard the emojis when searching for words in the text.

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