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The Contact Tool For Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr

Reaching out to your audience is a great way to boost your account.  It can be in the form of comments, likes, follow back, sending a message and so on.  But among those actions, sending a message is the most time consuming, if done manually.

With SM Tasker, you can automate sending a direct message to whomever you want using the Contact tool.  This tool is only available on

  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn (click here for more in-depth tutorial) ⭐

The tool’s interface for all supported social platforms may differ but the idea is the same.  For some social platforms, you are not limited to just sending a message to selected users.  You may also send a message a message to new followers and auto-reply to new messages.

To use the tool, just head to TOOLS page and click the account you want to run the tool on or click MORE TOOLS then go to Contact tab.

Depending on the social network that you are planning to use the tool on, some have:

  • 6 sub-tabs (Twitter)

(Screenshot here)

  • 4 sub-tabs (Tumblr)

(Screenshot here)

  • 2 sub-tabs (LinkedIn)

(Screenshot here)

  • 4 sub-tabs (Pinterest)

(Screenshot here)

Extract Users/Extract Members (Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest)

This is the first tab that you will see when you access the Contact tool.  Generally, the main purpose of this tab is to enable you to scrape users from supported extraction links.  As you can see, from the extraction box, you will see a list of sample valid extraction links.

(Screenshot here)

To start extracting:

  1. Start with adding the extraction link in the designated box.
  2. Set the scroll time or the number of seconds that SM Tasker will scroll the page searching for users.  That said, the more scroll time you use, the more users will be gathered.
  3. Click on Extract Users button
  4. As soon as you initiate the extraction process, the link is added to the table right below the extraction box.  You can see the progress or status of the extraction.
  5. You may choose to skip Non-English names (For Tumblr and Pinterest only)

(Screenshot here)

✅ You may opt to stop all ongoing extractions by clicking ‘Stop Ongoing Extractions’ button

Auto Extract (Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest)

The Auto Extract tab works the same way as Extract Users/Extract Members.  However, with the latter, the extraction from the link only happens ones and you need to re-add the link if you want to do another round of extraction.

(Screenshot here)

With Auto-Extract, you can just set it up one time and let it do the extraction automatically by:

  1. Add the URLs or links where you will be extracting users from
  2. Schedule how often SM Tasker will run the extraction from the link, you can set time and also randomize intervals daily.
  3. Set the number of seconds the tools will scroll the page
  4. Switch the tool ON.
  5. The index table will show you the Link, Status, #toExtract, and #Extracted

Use Extracted Users/Use Members

The 3rd tab is ‘Use Extracted Users or Use Members is the most important tab in the Contact tool.  This is where the plan gets laid out before execution.  The users collected from the Extract Users/Members and Auto Extract tabs are recorded here.

(Screenshot here)


From this tab you will be able to:

1. Select the users you want to send a message to, you can tick the boxes to select a specific user and you can also ‘SELECT ALL’ to easily select every user on the list.

2. Create the message you want to send

(Screenshot here)

  1. You can use spintax on your message to make each message unique.  You can also use tokens in your message and it will be replaced by the corresponding information. There is also a huge list of Emojis you can use to add a personal touch to your messages.
  2. Set the additional options:
  • There is an option to send a second message after X hours that the first message was sent
  • Remove selected users from the list once they are sent over to Send Messages tab
  • Ignore users who already received a message
  • Automatically send a message to new users added on top of the list
  1. When you have selected the users who will receive the message and done with preparing the message that you want to send, you can go ahead and click on Add To Send Messages List button.

Send Message To New Followers (Twitter)

Just like it says, this tab is where you go to if you want to send a message to your new followers. It’s a good gesture to greet those new audiences, it will make them feel welcome.

(Screenshot here)

To enable this feature of the Contact tool:

  1. Just tick the checkbox ‘Send New Followers a Message’
  2. Create your message.  Again, you can use supported tokens and spintax on your message
  3. You can include an image or a video in your message, just click on ‘PHOTOS’ or ‘VIDEO’ button then choose the file you want to upload.
  4. If you wish to prioritize sending a message to new followers, just check the designated option
  5. Set how often SM Tasker will check for new followers
  6. If it’s the first time you are using this feature, you may want to click the ‘Extract Now’ action link

Auto Reply To New Messages (Twitter)

You can use this feature to reply to messages.  Please note that it will only catch messages that were received after the tool was started.

(Screenshot here)

Same drill, to automate this option:

  1. Set up a time when the tool will execute the action, you can also Add intervals if you want to run the tool at specific times.
  2. Create the message you want to send; use available tokens and it will be replaced by the corresponding user information and use spintax to have variations on your message
  3. Create your message.  Again, you can use supported tokens and spintax on your message
  4. You can include an image or a video in your message, just click on ‘PHOTOS’ or ‘VIDEO’ button then choose the file you want to upload.
  5. Schedule when SM Tasker would check on new messages
  6. When all set, you can toggle the Status switch to start it.

Send Messages

This is where you can control how the tool will send out messages.

(Screenshot here)


  1. Set the interval before a new operation starts
  2. Choose the number of messages that will be sent per day and per hour; SM Tasker will select a random number between x-y that you indicate here and you can increase the number of messages that will be sent out daily until it hits your preferred maximum number of messages
  3. Set how many messages will be sent out per operation; the number will be randomly selected between x-y
  4. These are additional options that you can use: ‘Use Mention instead of Direct Message’, ‘Do not send if Direct Message is not available (account is not a follower)’, ‘Shorten all the URLs from the messages’, ‘Blacklisted users’
  5. Indicate the hours to execute the Tool
  6. Select the days of the week when the tools will send messages.

Pending Send Message

All users that were sent from the Extract Users/Members, New Followers and New Messages are added in the Pending Send Message table.  From here, they will queue until they get processed.

Results (Successful Requests)

When users listed in the Pending Send Message gets processed and the message is sent out, they get recorded at this table.

✅ You have the option to Export All users from the list, Import Users and Remove All users.

(Screenshot here)

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