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The Like Tool for Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and Youtube

When you show appreciation and give credit to other people’s work, they will more or less return the favor.  “You get what you give”, that’s the principle behind giving likes, a proven notion that is easy to apply to your accounts.

Plus, you can target the audience relevant to your niche and as a result, you would be drawing attention to your own profile. This marketing strategy, can promote your brand, supercharge your accounts and boost engagement, a win-win situation to say the least.

How to access the Like Tool

You can use the Like tool for Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and Youtube. To start the Like tool, go to the Tools page, click the name of the account where you want to run the tool, or click the More Tools option then click on the Like tab.


Just like any other tool, you need to set up the configuration that will regulate the actions of the particular tool through the Settings tab.  While we all want to do random acts of kindness and keep on spreading good vibes, avoid being ‘Like-happy’, do not use too aggressive settings, and keep it in moderation to look human.

In the Settings tab, there are 3 sections: Run Timers, Like limits (both sections on the Settings tab are similar to each social network where the Like tool is available), and Filter (User filters, Post/Tweet filter)

(Insert a screenshot of the Run timers section)

Run Timers

  1. This is the interval that the Like tool will wait before a new operation begins
  2. How many posts will be liked per operation
  3. You can set a random sleep time and allow the tool to rest for some minutes before it will begin a new operation
  4. The hours when the like tool will execute actions
  5. Days of the week when the tool will operate

Like Limits

(Insert a screenshot of the Like limits section)

  1. Maximum likes to be executed per hour/day; each day that the tool is running, SM Tasker will pick a random number between the maximum X-Y you’ve indicated and will use that as the limit for that hour/day
  2. If you want to limit a maximum x amount of likes and automatically unlike old posts, you can check this option and enter a value you prefer.
  3. Here you can set a maximum of unlikes to be executed per hour/day; each day that the tool is running, SM Tasker will pick a random number between the maximum X-Y you’ve indicated and will use that as the limit for that hour/day. (for Twitter and Tumblr only)
  4. When this option is checked it will search for the latest tweets and if off will search for the top results. (For Twitter only)
  5. Limit the maximum number of likes per user. (For Twitter)

📌 If you want to include those that you liked prior to adding the account in SM Tasker, you can import them into the Like Results tab as seen below.

(Insert a screenshot of the Import likes done manually)

✅ Filters – are the conditions that SM Tasker will check before liking a particular post or tweet.  If the post or tweet failed any of the filters you’ve set up, it would not be liked.

Tweet Filters

(Insert a screenshot of the Tweet Filters)

  • Tweets are less than x days old; you can opt to like tweets depending on how old they are, so if the tweet is only a few days old, that suggests that the user is active on Twitter
  • How many times the tweet should be retweeted in the past in order for the like tool to consider it; if you only want to like tweets that went viral, you can set it up here
  • Or like those that received massive likes; this equates to a viral tweet
  • Option to skip tweet that contains specific words of your choice; if you don’t want to like tweets that contain malicious words or those that mention your competition

Post Filters (Linkedin)

(Insert a screenshot of the Linkedin Post Filters)

  • You can choose to target more recent posts so you don’t end up liking the ones that got published a few years back, thus not wasting your ‘like’


SM Tasker will search for posts or tweets depending on the sources you’ve specified.  Be smart with your sources, this will greatly help in targeting posts that are significant to your niche.

Options from the Sources tab are tailored specifically for each social network.


(Insert a screenshot of the Twitter Favorite Sources tab)

  • Like posts by keywords; you can use Twitter Advanced Operators to filter resulting posts
  • Like specific posts based on URL
  • Like from custom URL
  • Like posts from specified accounts followers
  • Like tweet replies based on URL
  • Like tweet replies from specific accounts


  • Like specific posts based on URL
  • Like post from community Hashtags feeds as pages

(Insert a screenshot of the Linkedin Like Sources tab)


  • Like posts by keyword

(Insert a screenshot of the Tumblr Like Sources tab)


  • Like posts from Keywords
  • Like specific posts based on URL
  • Like from User/Channel

(Insert a screenshot of the Youtube Like Sources tab)


  • All liked posts are recorded on the Results tab so you can keep track of the posts that you liked.
  • You can swiftly check the date and time when this post was liked, how many likes the post had when you liked it, what source option was used, and if that post was unliked.
  • Moreover, you can use the ‘View FollowBack Ratio’ feature and see what Like sources worked best for you so that you can make adjustments and improve your approach.
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