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The Linkedin Contact Tool

The Contact Tool for LinkedIn allows you to automatically send messages to your connections or friends.  The way this tool works is it visits the profile of the user and clicks the Message button to send a message.

💡 Note that there is a limitation to the number of profiles you can visit, so if you feeling like you are getting close to said limit, you may consider using the Search and Contact tool as an alternate option for sending messages to your connections.

How to use the LinkedIn contact tool in SM TASKER

You can access it by navigating to TOOLS page then click on CONTACT MEMBERS or by clicking on TOOLS page then the LinkedIn account – Contact tab.

The contact tool has 2 sub-tabs: Use Members and Send Messages.

(Screenshot here)

Use Members tab

From this tab, you’ll be able to choose your connections and set up the message you want to send.


In this table, you will see all your connections or friends that you can select to send a message to.

(Screenshot here)

As you may have noticed, there are several action links available above and below the ‘MEMBERS LIST’ table.

  • Top – Update Friends (clicking on this button will start a sync operation that will update the account friends list) while the Add Friends button will add the synced friends to the Members List table, we have also the Advanced Selection, Remove Selected, Export Selected and Import Users
  • Bottom – Select All, Select None, More actions → Split Between Accounts With The Same Tag (all the users will be splitted between other accounts with the same tag), Split Selected Between Accounts With The Same Tag accounts (the selected users will be sent to Use Members tab of other accounts with the same tag),

Add Messages To Selected Users section:

Here you will see the message text box where you can create the message you want to send.

  • You can use Spin Syntax to create variations on your message
  • Add emoji for that personal touch
  • Use any of the supported tokens and they will be replaced with corresponding user information
  • Attach an image or video to your message

(Screenshot here)

Below the message text box, you will find the following additional options:

  • Send Second Messages – you can choose to send a second message after X hours from the time the first message was sent.   You can either send the second message only if the user has replier OR if the user has not replied.
  • Remove Selected Users From the List After Clicking SEND – this will remove the username from ‘MEMBERS List’ section after it’s been sent to the ‘Send Messages’ sub-tab
  • Ignore Users Who Already Received A Message – SM Tasker will skip selected users who have been sent to the ‘Send Messages’ sub-tab
  • Automatically Send Messages to new users from the table at the top – newly added names would automatically be selected to receive the message

💡 After you have selected the users, added the message and configured the additional options, you can proceed by clicking the ‘Add To Send Messages List’ button.

Send Messages tab

The Send Messages tab is where you can control how the Contact tool will behave.

RUN TIMERS section:

(Screenshot here)

  • Wait between time before each new operation
  • The number of messages that SM Tasker will send per operation
  • The maximum number of messages you want to send each day and hour.
  • The hours when the tool is going to send the messages
  • And the days of the weeks when the tool will operate

💡 When rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to run the tool on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also use the following options such as:

  • Picking a random user from the list (by default, the first name on the list is the first to be processed)
  • You may delete pending messages older than X days
  • Shorten all the URL’S sent to users using the accounts configured in the Connectivity tab
  • Move direct message to General tab after send

Pending Send Message table

All the users that were selected to receive a message from the ‘Use Members tab > Members List table’ are added here where they will queue for processing.

(Screenshot here)

Results table

In this table, all those who have been processed and received a message will be recorded

(Screenshot here)

💡 Keep in mind that the Send Message tab is in command of the entire Contact tool, hence if it’s not running (Status is Stopped), then none of the message scheduled on the Pending Send Message table will be sent.   Therefore, please make sure to start the Contact Tool through the Send Message tab.

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