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The Linkedin Extract Emails Tool

This new tool which was requested by a lot of SM Tasker users is pretty straightforward.  And just like what it’s called, it lets you extract email addresses of your 1st connections.

How to access the Linkedin Extract Emails

You can access it by navigating to TOOLS page > click the name of the account where you want to run the tool > click Extract Emails from the left panel menu.

The Extract Emails tool has 2 tabs: Settings tab and Results tab.

(Screenshot here)

Settings tab

The Settings tab contain 2 sections: Run Timers and Auto Export Settings section

RUN TIMERS section

(Screenshot here)

This is where you set-up how and when the tool is going to execute the extraction of emails.

  • Starting with the “wait between time” before each new operation
  • Select the number of emails that you want to extract per operation
  • Set the hours when you want the tool to execute
  • You can choose the days of the week when the tool will execute actions

💡 When rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to run the tool on Saturdays and Sundays.


In this section, you can configure the automatic export action of the tool.

(Screenshot here)

Consolidate all LinkedIn accounts in a single export file (use global settings)

You can use this option to automatically export all emails that were extracted using all your LinkedIn accounts into one file.

💡 Please keep in mind that this option should be used with the Export emails every X hours

Export emails every X hours

This option will help you automate the export operation.

  • You can set the option to export the extracted emails every X hours
  • You can also select the “export only new extracted emails” option to avoid exporting the old results again.

Results tab

This tab contains the record of all extracted emails for each operation.

  • You will see the date, the profile URL, name of the person and email address.
  • There is an option to Delete All or Export All (if you need a copy of the results for your reference)
  • In addition, there are additional action links for each resulting entry such as Delete, Browse (this will open a regular browser on your computer), Browse Embedded (this will launch the embedded browser of the account) and Copy (if you want to copy the profile link).

(Screenshot here)


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