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The Linkedin Finder Tool

The Linkedin Group Finder tool enables you to find and extract niche-related Groups and send them to the Linkedin Group Joiner tool so you can automate the joining process.  And once you become a member of that group, you will be able to publish your posts there.

How to use the Finder tool

To access the Linkedin Finder tool, go to TOOLS view > click the Linkedin account where you want to run the tool > click Finder from the list of available tools from the left panel.

Extract From Keywords:

(Insert screenshot of the Finder tool)

1. The first thing you need to do when searching for groups from keywords is to add the keywords in the designated box for ‘Extract Groups that contain the following keywords“. You can search for one keyword at a time or add multiple keywords, just make sure that each keyword is separated by a comma, or else it will not work properly.

2. If you want to exclude groups with specific keywords in the name, simply add those keywords in the provided box for ‘Exclude Groups that contain the follow keywords’.

3. After adding the keywords, scroll down to the Group Filters section and set up filters.

💡 By setting up filters prior to starting the Finder tool, you will be able to have better control in narrowing the searches for the groups that will be extracted.

  • You can choose the minimum and maximum number of members the groups you are searching for should have (to ignore it, set “0” in both fields)
  • Set how many groups to extract for each keyword
  • Clear results when starting a new search operation
  • Instruct SM Tasker to ignore groups that you already joined or sent to Joiner/Unjoiner before
  • Choose to get only open groups
  • You can also set tags for extracted groups so you can easily manage them later.  These tags will come in handy when filtering target groups that you’ll be sending to the Joiner tool.
  • Set language

4. Once you’re satisfied with your filters, click on the EXTRACT GROUPS button and SM Tasker will start searching for groups and add them in the results list at the bottom of the Group finder tab.

(Insert a screenshot of extracted groups)

When you are done extracting, the resulting groups will be listed on the table at the bottom of the page where you can see the name of the group, the number of members of a particular group, and the corresponding group link.

💡  There are 4 action links next to each group on the list:

  • Delete – deletes the group from the list
  • Browse – opens the group in an external browser
  • Browse Embedded – opens the group in an embedded browser used by that Linkedin account where you are running the Finder tool on
  • Copy – Copies the group’s URL so you can easily paste it whenever you need it.

How to send resulting groups to the Joiner tool

(Insert a screenshot of extracted groups with the option Send selected to Joiner option marked)

  • To send them to the Joiner, tick the checkbox located at the left side of the name of the group you wish to join. You can select them one by one
  • Or select all groups by clicking on the SELECT ALL
  • After you have selected your preferred groups, click SEND SELECTED TO JOINER.

Additional actions you can execute on the resulting groups

  • For advanced selection and filtering, click on the ADVANCED SELECTION button and it will launch a smaller window where you will be able to filter them by name, the number of users, and so on.

(Insert a screenshot of the Advanced selection / Execute actions on selected items option shown)

  • There are a few other options such as:
    Select All – selects all groups
    Select None – deselects all groups
    Select None – Filtered
    Reverse Selection
    Remove Selected
    Show Only Selected Items

To send groups to the Ignore tab, simply click on SEND SELECTED TO IGNORE from the Execute Actions On Selected Items drop-down menu.

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