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The Linkedin Follow Tool

The LinkedIn Follow tool allows you to automatically follow preferred users based on the sources you used.  And by following a user on LinkedIn, you will have the ability to see the user’s posts and articles on your feed even if you’re not connected to them.

If you are geared towards a certain profession or field of specialization, following users from those categories will help you learn more and be more skilled because what you’ll see on your feed are mostly from people you follow.

How to access the LinkedIn Follow tool?

To access this tool, please go to TOOLS view > click your Linkedin profile > go to Follow tool from list of tools on the left.

As you can see, there are 4 tabs available for the Linkedin Follow tool, the Settings, Sources, Extracted Users, and Results tab.

(Screenshot here)

The Settings tab

From the Settings tab, you will see 2 sections: Run Timers and Follow Limits.

(Screenshot here)

Run Timers section:

  1. Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation – allows you to setup a time frame before the tool starts a new operation
  2. Follow between X and Y connections for each operation – indicate the number of users that are going to be followed during each operation
  3. Execute between 12:00AM and 11:59PM – this option allows you to control the hours when the tool will the tool perform the scheduled actions. You can also add more intervals or even randomize the timers
  4. Add random sleep time – this will allow the tool to rest for X and Y minutes before starting a new operation when it has executed A and B follows
  5. Or you can stop the tool for certain minutes after it has done X follows
  6. Days of the week when to operate – you can choose the days that the tool will perform the actions

💡 When you opt to ‘Rotate days’, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to execute actions on weekends.

Follow Limits section:

  1. Just like it says, this is where you set the maximum daily limit for the Follow action.  From the X and Y, SM Tasker will select a random number between the set figures.  Therefore, if you set a maximum of 150-250 follows per day, it can hit the daily limit once it has followed a total of any number between 150 to 250.  You have an option to increase the limits per day until it reaches the max follows you prefer.
  2. You can also set the limit on the number of follows the tool will execute per hour. Again, there is an option to increase the limits per hour on a daily basis until it reaches the value you indicated.

💡 LinkedIn Members are limited to following up to 5,000 people who aren’t connections.

The Follow Sources tab

For LinkedIn Follow, you only have one source – to find users by keyword search.

(Screenshot here)

  1. To search via keyword, just type in the word you want to use when looking for people you want to follow.
  2. Next, decide on the degree of connections where you will extract users from.
  3. You can also associate tags to the keyword(s) and this will be connected to the user profiles.
  4. Then click on the ‘ADD INPUT button’. The added keyword will be listed in the table below.
  5. Now, if there is a keyword where you wish to only extract from a specific degree of connection OR in case you missed setting it up initially, you can opt to check or uncheck the connection from here.
  6. You can select additional information to further narrow your searches such as location, company, industries, schools, past companies, and title.
  7. Instead of deleting each source one by one, you also have the option to clear all sources.

⭐ When you are done configuring your settings and adding your sources, just go back to the Settings tab and switch the tool to ON.

(Screenshot here)

Extracted Users tab

This is where the users from your sources will be listed, then the filters will be checked before the user will be followed by SM Tasker. As for LinkedIn, the only filter to be checked is if the user has the follow option enabled or disabled.

(Screenshot here)

Results tab

Here, you will see the users Smtasker successfully followed including the date and time they were followed.

You can also see additional information such as:

  • Keyword the source used when searching for the followed user. If the user was sent from the Profile Viewer tool, it will show accordingly in this column.
  • Followed Back you will see “Yes” if the user followed you back, otherwise, it will be left blank
  • Unfollowed will display Yes or No if the user has been unfollowed once you start running the Unfollow tool on the account.

(Screenshot here)

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