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The Linkedin Like Tool

Just like other social media platforms, you can also react to posts on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Like tool is a great way to automate giving likes to posts from your Feed, from preferred Company Pages or your Connections’ posts from their Walls. This can also help you build your credibility as people in your network will be able to see the posts you liked.

How to access the Linkedin Like tool?

To access this tool, please go to TOOLS tab > click your LinkedIn profile > click the Like tool from list of tools on the left.

As you can see, there are 3 tabs available for the LinkedIn Like tool – the Settings, Sources, and Results tab.

(Screenshot here)

Settings tab

The settings tab is divided into three sections: Run timers, Like Limits and Post filters.

(Screenshot here)

Run Timers section:

  1. Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation – allows you to set up a time frame before the tool starts a new operation
  2. Add random sleep time – this will allow the tool to rest for X and Y minutes before starting a new operation when it has executed A and B operations
  3. Execute between 12:00AM and 11:59PM – this option allows you to control the hours when the tool will the tool perform the scheduled actions. You can also add more intervals or even randomize the timers
  4. Days of the week when to operate – you can choose the days that the tool will perform the actions

💡 When you opt to ‘Rotate days’, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to execute actions on weekends.

Like Limits section:

  1. This is where you set the maximum daily limit for the Like action.  From the X and Y, Smtasker will select a random number between the set figures.  Therefore, if you set a maximum of 50-100 likes per day, it can hit the daily limit once it has liked a total of any number between 50 to 100.  You have an option to increase the limits per day until it reaches the max count of likes you prefer.
  2. You can also set the limit on the number of likes that the tool will execute per hour. Again, there is an option to increase the limits per hour on a daily basis until it reaches the value you indicated.

Post Filters section:

  1. This filter lets you specify to only like posts that are less than X days old.

Sources tab

(Screenshot here)

When adding posts that are going to be used for executing like actions with this tool, there are three types of links you can use. You can either add links of your feed, Company Pages or link of your preferred Users’ Walls.

  1. Paste the links or URLs on the textbox
  2. Click ‘Add to Like List’
  3. Once added, the links will be shown on the table below with additional options to open the link through the embedded browser, to copy the link, or to delete it.

You can also Export and Import links to and from a CSV file to the Like sources tab or you can clear the entire list of links that have already been added if you wanted to start from scratch.

Results tab

All the actions that have been performed will be shown in the Results tab. Here, you will see the date when the action was performed, what keyword or URL has been used from the Sources tab, and what is the username of the used Source. Also, you can delete that result, open the post in your default browser or Embedded browser and Copy the said link.

(Screenshot here)

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