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The Linkedin Unfollow Tool

Each social networks have certain limits and we don’t have other options but to respect them. And as you may know, Linkedin members are limited to following up to 5,000 people who aren’t their connections.  Hence, if you’ve hit that limit you will not be able to follow more users unless you start unfollowing to make room for new follows.

Even if you have not reached the maximum number of followings yet, but you want to start unfollowing to balance your total followings and followers for added credibility, the SM Tasker Unfollow tool can readily do the task for you.

How to access the LinkedIn Unfollow tool?

To access this tool, please go to TOOLS tab > click your Linkedin profile > go to Unfollow tool from the list of tools on the left.

There are only 2 sections – Run Timers and Unfollow Limits.

Run Timers section:

(Screenshot here)

  1. Unfollow items after a minimum of X – Y days after SM TASKER has followed them. From X and Y, SM Tasker will select a random number between the set figures.  Therefore, if you set to 2 – 5 days, it can unfollow the users 3 days after SM Tasker has followed them.
  2. The interval time before a new unfollow operation starts.
  3. The number of users that will be unfollowed for each operation.
  4. The time of day when SM TASKER will unfollow users. You can add intervals and randomize the intervals.
  5. You can choose to set a random sleep time wherein the tool is going take a rest from executing the unfollow action before starting a new operation
  6. Days of the week when the tool will operate; you can rotate the days when the tool will execute the unfollow actions

💡  On rotating days, SM TASKER would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to unfollow on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unfollow Limits section:

(Screenshot here)

  1. This is where you set the maximum daily limit for the Unfollow action.  From the X and Y, SM Tasker will select a random number between the set figures.  Therefore, if you set a maximum of 150-250 unfollows per day, it can hit the daily limit once it has unfollowed a total of any number between 150 to 250.  You have an option to increase the limits per day until it reaches the max unfollows you prefer.
  2. You can also set the limit on the number of unfollows the tool will execute per hour. Again, there is an option to increase the limits per hour on a daily basis until it reaches the value you indicated.
  3. You have the option to Enable automatic follow/unfollow after and what this does is it will automatically stop the Unfollow tool depending on the condition you have set and start the Follow tool.

💡 It can stop unfollowing when:

  • The account has less than x – y followings
  • There are no more users to unfollow

💡 Additionally, you may choose to:

  • Do not stop the unfollow tool, to just start the follow tool

Finally, to start unfollowing, just switch the tool ON. The number of unfollowed users will be shown on the top portion of the tool

(Screenshot here)

💡 To see unfollowed users, you may go to the Follow tool > Results tab > and you will see a Yes flag on the Unfollowed column of those users.

(Screenshot here)

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