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The Linkedin Unjoiner Tool

The Linkedin Unjoiner tool aims to help you in organizing your groups and unjoin those that are not relevant to your niche anymore.

It is very easy to set up and will save you a good deal of time so you can focus on doing more important stuff that will help grow your Linkedin profile.

How to use the Unjoiner tool

To start using the tool, just go to TOOLS page > click the LinkedIn account where you want to run the tool on > click Unjoiner from the list of tools on the left.

Run Timers

(Screenshot here)

1. For the Unjoiner tool, one operation is unjoining one group, so the option ‘Wait between X and Y seconds between each new operation“’ represents the number of seconds or the interval that SM TASKER will wait before unjoining each group. It will choose a random number between the X-Y seconds you’ve specified to make the actions look more natural

2 – 3. You can set how many groups you want to unjoin each hour and day. Again, a random number of groups will be selected based on the values you’ve set.  You have the option to increase the number each day until it hits the maximum number of groups you want to unjoin per hour and daily.

💡 For every tool, we suggest starting slow, using default settings and then gradually build your way up. The option ‘Increase each day with X until it reaches Y max Unjoin per day’ would come handy for this task. So if you have set the tool to Unjoin between 10 and 20 groups per day and to increase daily with 5-5 until it reaches max 50, the tool will increase the minimum and maximum number of unjoined groups per day with 5 each day such that on the first day, you will unjoin 10 – 20 groups, next day 15 – 25 and so on until you reach 45-50 Unjoins per day.

4. Select the in-between time when you want the tool to execute the unjoin actions.  You can opt to add intervals as well as randomize the intervals.

5. Aside from the time of the day, you can also choose the days when you want it to operate. You may choose to rotate the days and exclude weekends.

💡 On rotating days, SM TASKER would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to unjoin on Saturdays and Sundays.

6. If you want to quickly see the group list of the account, you can click this option.  Once you click ‘HERE’ it will redirect you to the Groups tab of the account where you will see the list of the Groups you have joined.

From here, you can click the ‘Send To Unjoiner’ action of the groups you wish to unjoin and they will be sent to the ‘Waiting For An Unjoin Request’ table.

(Screenshot here)

Waiting For An Unjoin Request

All groups that you have opted to ‘Send To Unjoiner’ will be received and recorded on this table.

(Screenshot here)

  • If for instance, you changed your mind and don’t want to unjoin the group anymore, you can click the DELETE action for that group.
  • Or should you just want to ignore the group instead of unjoining them, you can click on the Advanced Selection action > select the group/s (you can use the available filters for easy sorting) > click ‘Send To Ignore’.

(Screenshot here)


On this table, you’ll find the groups that have been processed and were unjoined.

(Screenshot here)

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