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The Notes Tab


The Notes tab in SM Tasker is a useful feature that allows users to easily keep important details about their social media profiles organized and accessible within the software. Instead of keeping notes in a separate document, users can access them directly from the Social Profiles tab. This tab is available for the profiles of all social networks that SM Tasker supports.

Why is the Notes tab important?

Here’s how you would put important notes about your accounts and have access to them without leaving the software to a Word Document:

(insert screenshot here)

We can all agree that this looks bad and you can’t put longer notes as there’s a character limit for the Social Profiles name.

With the use of the Notes tab, it would be kept on a separate tab inside the Social Profiles view of the account instead.

To access the Notes tab, all you have to do is click on the account name and go to the Notes tab.

(insert screenshot here)

  1. This is where you can jot down the specific details for the account
  2. You can keep a record of the notes for all accounts by clicking on ‘Export Notes From All Accounts’.

💡 Ways you can use the Notes tab for:

On top of what we talked about at the beginning of this tutorial, you can use it to:

  • Create a specific “to-do”  list for every account.
  • From time to time, you might get ideas about what you need to change in a specific account, and then you probably forget about it and can’t remember what was that wonderful idea you had in mind. Well, that shouldn’t happen again.
  • You are working in a team or have Virtual Assistants – You can use the Notes tab to better communicate about what was done and what needs to be done for every account.
  • You can use this to log down important and impacting events that happened in the account.


The Notes tab in SM Tasker is a convenient tool for organizing and keeping track of important information about social media profiles. It can be used for creating “to-do” lists, communicating with team members or virtual assistants, and logging important events. Overall, it helps to keep the Social Profiles tab clean and organized, making it easier to manage multiple accounts.

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