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The Pinterest Comment Tool

If you want your accounts to get noticed and attract your target audience, the comment tool will help you achieve this. Whether you want to comment on your own post or others’ posts, you can easily set it up and encourage users to get interested and engage with your content.

This tool is available for LinkedInYouTube and Pinterest. To find the Comment Tool, go to the TOOLS tab and click on your account or More Tools action link.

📌 In this quick guide, we will be focusing on the Pinterest Comment tool.  For all other supported social platforms, you can click on their respective names above.

The Pinterest Comment tool


(Screenshot of Comment Settings tab)


Settings tab

While each Comment Settings tab page may look slightly different, the options are quite the same, thus you set them all up in a similar manner.

It is important to start with safe settings and by ‘safe’, we mean not too aggressive. Always warm it up first then steadily increase to your preferred settings. Too many comments in a short period of time could be risky as it makes your account appear unnatural.

These are the main settings that you need to configure:


(Screenshot Settings section on the Settings tab)


1. Wait time between each operation – here you can set how many minutes before each new operation.

2. Add Random Sleep Time – You can set the random sleep time to wait between x and y minutes after executing x to y operations.

3. You can Comment between x and y pins per operation

4. Here you can set How many comments to be executed per day and the option to increase daily max comments per day.

5. Here you can set how many comments per hour and you can increase

6. Maximum comments the account will execute per hour and the option to increase daily max comments per hour.

7. Execute between – During what interval of the day this tool should be working

8. Days of week when the tool will do the comment actions

How SM Tasker finds the posts:


(Screenshot showing the keyword and text message sections on the Settings Tab)


9. This tool will comment based on the keywords that you choose. For all supported networks, you can add one or multiple keywords from which SM Tasker will execute comments. Keywords should be separated by a comma.

10. Each keyword or set of keywords can have their own text for comment. This is awesome because you can target a variety of users and content, but still make comments appropriate for the topic.

11. You can use the spin syntax feature that will make your comments unique and build up account credibility.

12. Spin text – here you can edit your spin text messages as well as view statistics and random results of your spin text messages.

13. Add Emoji – Here you can conveniently choose different Emojis to make your comments more unique and more interactive.

14. When you’re done creating your comment message, click on the ‘Add Input’ button

15. The added keyword/s and comment/s will be displayed on the comment table at the bottom.

Results tab

You will see the results of this tool in the Results tab. This will help you to keep track of when the comment was posted, what keyword was used and what was the content of the comment.


(Screenshot of the Results tab)



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