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The Pinterest Create Boards Tool

SM Tasker’s Create Boards tool helps you create Pinterest boards for your account automatically. Just feed it the keywords you want boards created for and it will do it for you.

Where can I find the Create Boards tool

Just go to Social Profiles tab and click Actions >> Go To Tools next to your Pinterest account:


(Screensht showing the create Boards tool)


Once you are inside your Pinterest Account tools section, go to Create Boards tab.


(Screenshot of the create boards settings tab)


You can see that the Create Boards tool has 4 sections, we will go through all of them and see how they work, you will see that we won’t go through them in the same order and that’s on purpose to make the tool easier to understand..

Section 1: The Input section


(Screenshot of the INPUT section)


As you can see, you will need to fill the following:

  1. Board name
  2. Board description
  3. Board category

And “Add x copies by executing the spin syntax”.

Choosing the right names for your boards is very important. If you want people to follow your boards and share your pins.

The Board Description is your opportunity to pitch your board to everyone visiting it and convince them to follow your account or at least that specific board.

Board category Make sure you select the category your board falls under, if the board is about dogs, select Animals as the category.

After you set the Board Name, Board Description and Board category all  you have to do is click ADD BOARD TO INPUT button and it should be added to section 3.

Section 2: Clone Boards

If you plan to have about the same boards across all your Pinterest Account, you can clone existing boards from other Pinterest accounts using the CLONE option as shown below:


(Screenshot of the Clone Boards button)


All you have to do is select the account you would like to clone boards from the dropdown menu and click CLONE and all the boards of that account should appear in Section 3: Create Boards From Input. If nothing appears:

  • Please go to the Social Profiles tab and click Actions > SYNC next to the account you are trying to clone boards from, wait until the SYNC operation is done and then try again.

Another way to accelerate the process of creating boards is by using ADD X COPIES BY EXECUTING SPIN SYNTAX when entering boards name, description and category using SPIN SYNTAX. The ADD X COPIES BY EXECUTING SPIN SYNTAX option can be found in the first section.

Section 3: Create Boards From Input

Here you can check your entries and you can change them and/or to remove the entire input just by clicking REMOVE under Actions as you can see below:


(Screenshot of the boards added to create in the Table)


Remember that you can create multiple boards at once and not only one as shown above, we used 1 board only just to explain how the tool works. You can set an interval between every board creation and the next by using:

“ Wait between X and Y seconds between boards creation

Once you review your board names, descriptions and categories, you can start the creation process by clicking “Create Boards From Input”.

Section 4: Results

All of your boards will be added to the RESULTS section:


(Screenshot of the results section)


As you can see the Status is processing which means the board wasn’t created yet. Once it’s created the status should change to Success.

If you see an error there, it means that the creation failed for some reason, please go to Dashboard > Summary tab and search for that error and hover your mouse over the red “YES” message to see what exactly happened.

💡 Good to know:

  • To make the most of this, make sure you keep adding Pins to boards regularly so that people who follow get a steady stream of new Pins to discover. You do not need to have a large number of boards; quality is more important than quantity. Just focus on the ones your business truly believes in and update them from time to time.
  • If the board still does not appear on the Social Profiles > Pages tab or on your Pinterest tools, please perform a manual sync by going to Social Profiles > Actions > Sync, and see if the board will show up after.
  • You can easily switch to another Pinterest Account by choosing it from the following dropdown menu:

(Screenshot showing the drop down button that shows the list of the accounts) .

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