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The Pinterest Follow Tool

Regardless if you have pristine content, and interesting posts including best offers and quality products, none of that will matter if you fall short of attracting your target audience.

One tactic to get noticed is by following users interested in your niche. You can target big accounts of your niche then start following its followers since there is a likely chance that these people would be interested in what you have to offer. But that would involve a lot of clicks since big accounts will most likely have massive followers. And while you can do it manually, it would save you a good deal of time if you will automate it, this is where SM Tasker comes in. With the help of this ultimate automation tool, you can have more time to focus on your content and other strategies that will supplement the growth of your account.

An overview of the Follow tool:

The SM Tasker Follow tool is available for  Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest.

To find this tool, visit the TOOLS section, click on any of the accounts that support the tool or click on More Tools action link then navigate to the Follow Tool tab.


(Screenshot showing the TOOLS tab)


SM Tasker’s Follow tool works on a similar process for all marked social networks mentioned above.

The Follow tool has four tabs: Settings, Follow Sources, Extracted Users tab, Follow Results tab.


(Screenshot showing the four tabs we have on the Pinterest Follow tool)


Follow Settings

This where you can configure and control the general behavior of the Follow tool.  It has 5 sections:

  • Run Timers
  • Follow Limits
  • User Filters
  • Follow Settings

Run Timers 


(Screenshot showing the Run timers section)


On this section, you can configure how the tool is going to operate, by means of:

1. The wait between time before each new operation; this is the number of minutes that the tool will wait before starting a new operation

2. How many users to be followed per operation; this is the number of users the tool will process for each operation (for Pinterest – how many users/boards to be followed).

3. The hours when the Follow tool will execute actions

4. You can add a random sleep; this will allow the tool to rest before starting a new operation when it has executed X follows

5. Or you can stop the tool for certain minutes after it has done X follows

6. The days of the week when the tool will execute actions; you can rotate the days when the tool will operate

💡 On rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to follow on Saturdays and Sundays.


Follow Limits 


(Screenshot Follow limits section)


1. In this option you can set to Follow x and y value per day, then you can also increase the value daily until it reaches the maximum value of follows per day that you set.

2. In this option you can set how many follow actions per hour.

3. Enable automatic follow/unfollow – this option is very useful when you want to set a balance between your followers and followings, you can easily set it up and let the follow and unfollow tools automatically switch as per your settings


User Filters

This part of the Follow Settings tab will allow you to filter the users or boards you want to follow.  If the user or board fails any of the filters then they will not be followed.


(Screenshot of the User filters section)


Follow Settings

(Screenshot of the Follow Settings section on the Follow tool Settings Tab)


The option allows you to set the tool to follow randomly from the extracted users list instead of going through the list in order.


Follow Sources

The sources that you choose will have the biggest role in targeting users that may be interested in what you have to offer which presents good potential for conversion.

Follow people by keyword search is an option available for all networks, but that’s just the beginning. Each social network has some specific follow sources options available for that network only.  In the sample image below, you will see the sources you can use for Pinterest.


(Screenshot of the Pinterest Sources Tab)


  • Follow people by keyword search
  • Follow boards by keyword search
  • Follow friends of targeted accounts
  • Follow followers of own followers
  • Follow people from a provided list
  • Follow friends of target Boards


Follow Results


(Screenshot of the Follow results tab)


From this tab, you will see the users/boards that were followed and you’ll find additional information such as:

  • The date and time when the user was followed
  • Name of that user
  • What source was used to follow the user
  • Followed Back column will show you if this user followed you back or not
  • Unfollowed column will show you if you unfollowed these users through SM Tasker or not

In addition, you can export the results, import followers, delete results and export follow back ratio.

✅ Follow back ratio is a very useful feature that will show you which of your follow sources yield the best results so that you know what sources you should keep and what sources you should remove.

When we say “which of your follow sources had the best results” we are referring to the number of users that followed you back after you followed them. Thus, the sources that attracted the most followers should be kept.


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