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The Quora Answers Tool

As you know, Quora is a question and answer social platform.  You can interact by posting a question, answering questions and upvoting answers.  If utilized wisely, you can use this platform to drive traffic to your website.

The Quora Answers Tool was designed to help you to search and extract questions and publish your answers automatically.  Then you can send answers to the Upvote tool of your other accounts so they can be upvoted thus help in boosting your Quora account.

How to use the Answers tool?

To start using the tool, go to Tools page > click your Quora Account > click Answers tool.  The tool has three tabs: Extract Questions, Use Questions and Answers.


(Screenshot showing Extract Questions Tab)


Extract Questions tab

From this tab, you can extract questions via keywords so you can answer them later.


(Screenshot showing Extract questions tab with all its sections)


  1. Enter your keywords. You can add multiple keywords, just separate them with the comma (ie. Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing).
  2. If you want to avoid specific keywords, add them in the Negative Keywords text box.
  3. Set how long you want SM Tasker to scroll down on the search page.(the longer you set the scroll downtime, the more results SM Tasker can extract)
  4. Specify how many questions you want to extract for each keyword.
  5. To start extracting questions, just click the Extract Questions
  6. If you want to terminate the extraction, click Stop Ongoing Extractions
  7. All extracted questions will be recorded in the table below. From here, you can select questions that you would like to answer.  You can check the questions you prefer or click Select All.
  8. When it’s all set, you may proceed by clicking on the Send To Use Questions button


Use Questions tab

This is where the questions you sent from the Extract Questions tab will be received. From here, you can add the answer/s that you wish to publish for each question.


(Screenshot of Use Questions Tab)


The table has several columns.

  1. The link column in the table contains the link to extracted questions. You can click on it to open the link via an external browser and read the entire question and all answers that were already posted on it.
  2. As the name suggests, the Question column shows the posted question
  3. The Keyword column indicates the keyword that was used when searching for the extracted question
  4. From the #Answers column, you can see how many answers you’ve added to that specific question

To add the answers to the questions, click on the ADD ANSWERS button below the Actions column. This will launch a new window where you can add your answer. When adding answers, you can use a spintax as well as add an emoji.

  1. After you have finished adding answers, select the questions click on SEND TO ANSWERbutton
  2. In case you want to add a question manually, you can click on ADD QUESTIONS BY URLbutton Just click it and add URL of the question and it will show up in the table so you can add your answers and send it to Answer to all.
  3. You can create your own questions should you prefer it that way. Simply click on the CREATE QUESTION button and enter your question. It will show up in the table then you can add your answers and send it to the Answer tool.
  4. If you have multiple questions without answers, you can use the ADD ANSWERS TO ALL THE EMPTY QUESTIONS button to easily add multiple answers to all the empty questions.
  5. You can click EXPORT ALL if you want to export all the results into a .csv file. On the other hand, if you have a list you can also use IMPORT to add your own questions to SM Tasker (for the correct file format, use the EXPORT ALL function and replace the values and save the file on the same format and then import it to SM Tasker)

Please note that the question you created doesn’t exist yet on Quora, but when you start the Answer tool, SM Tasker will use your profile to post it.

Answers tab

After you have extracted questions, added answers, and sent them to the Answers tool, the final stop would be the Answers tab.


(Screenshot of the Answers Tab)


Run Timers section:

  1. Set delay between each new operation
  2. Choose how many answers you want to post per operation, how many answers per question and how many answers per day to post on your questions.
  3. You can randomize the actions by setting the tool to sleep between X and Y minutes after posting between X-Y answers on same questions or to sleep between X and Y minutes after answering between X-Y questions with the same account.
  4. Check this option if you want to send the answers to the Upvote tool.
  5. These timers are reserved for creating questions. The options there can be used to set a delay between each operation as well as the maximum number of questions that will be created per day.
  6. Select the hours and the days when the tool will execute actions. You can add random intervals and randomize intervals daily for the tool to execute on different/random times.
  7. You can check Add question anonymously if you want to hide your account username.

Accounts To Use For Answers section:

This where you can select the accounts that will post the answers you have prepared.  You can either manually select the accounts or click SELECT ALL if you want to use all your accounts.  To unselect the accounts, you can click Select None.


(Screenshot showing Accounts to Use for Answers section)


Results section:

On this section, you will find information about the questions that have been answered

  • Question link
  • The actual question
  • You can see the number of answers you have added for that question and the number of answers that were posted
  • How many answers have been posted
  • If SM Tasker finished posting answers to that question, you will see True under the Finalized column, else, it will show False.
  • Click the Select button from the Results table to show all the answers that were posted for that question.
  • To send the answers to the Upvote tool, click the Send To Upvote This is quite handy in case you prefer to select the answers you wish to send to the Upvote tool.  Otherwise, you can set the tool to automatically send all answers to the said tool.


(Screenshot of the results Tab)



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