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The Quora Unfollow Tool

As you may know, social networks have certain limits and we don’t have other options but to respect them. For instance, when it comes to the maximum number of followings of an account, each social network has its own limits. Therefore, when you hit the total number of followings, you will not be able to follow new users unless you start unfollowing some of the old ones you’ve followed.

To make up for that, SM Tasker’s Unfollow tool is here to make your life easier by automatically unfollowing for you. Even if you have not reached the maximum number of followings yet, but you want to start unfollowing to balance your total followings and followers for added credibility, the Unfollow tool can readily do the task for you.

How to access the Unfollow tool

This tool is available for all social networks that have the Follow tool such as  Quora, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest.  To use the Unfollow tool, go to Tools and click on the account where you want to use the tool on or click More Tools action.


(Screenshot of the TOOLS tab showing the MORE TOOLS button)


It’s a non-complicated tool hence easy to set up as well as to understand how it works. It has only one tab with all the essential settings that is comprised of 4 sections that will enable you to control the performance of the tool like how many users to unfollow by choosing who you want to unfollow and so on.


(Screenshot showing the run timers and unfollow limits sections)


Run Timers

  1. Unfollow items after a minimum of X days after SM Tasker has followed them
  2. The interval time before a new operation starts
  3. How many users/boards will be unfollowed for each operation
  4. The time of day when SM Tasker will unfollow users
  5. You can choose to set a random sleep time wherein the tool is going take a rest from executing the unfollow action before starting a new operation
  6. Days of the week when the tool will operate; you can rotate the days when the tool will execute the unfollow actions

✅ On rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to unfollow on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unfollow Limits

  1. Maximum number of users/boards to be unfollowed per day; SM Tasker will pick a random number from the X-Y maximum unfollows you have configured and use that as the limit for a particular day
  2. Enable automatic follow/unfollow option is very useful when you want to maintain a balance between your followers and followings; this will let you run the follow and unfollow tool interchangeably by automatically stopping and starting whichever tool depending on the condition you set in the said option ( Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest)


User Filters


(Screenshot of the User Filters Section)


  • Do not unfollow followers, it’s an option that you can use if you do not want to unfollow users that followed you back.
  • Delay unfollow for followers, it’s an option that you can use to add a delay so that you unfollow then only after x days passed since you followed them.
  • If you want to unfollow all except for a selected few, you can use the whitelist option (available for Quora, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest), add the people you don’t want to unfollow and SM Tasker will skip them when executing the action


Other Options


(Screenshot of the Other Options section )


An option that allows you to suspend the tool for x-y minutes when you get a temporary block error.


💡 Good to know:

  • By default, SM Tasker will only unfollow those that have been followed by the software, this refers to those users listed in the Follow Results tab.  That being said, should you wish to unfollow users that were followed manually or outside of SM Tasker via different software, you will need to import those users first through the Follow tool – Results tab.

(Screenshot of the Follow tool results tab)


📌 While there is no Results tab for the Unfollow tool, you can easily check which users have been unfollowed by heading to the Results tab of the Follow tool, on the Results table, check the corresponding value in the #UNFOLLOWED column.  If it is Yes, that means that the user from that particular row has been unfollowed.


(Screeshot showing the Follow tool results tab of the quora account)

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