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The Quora Upvote Tool

As you may know, Quora is ‘question and answer’ social platform.  It is a thriving community and to get noticed, you need other users to upvote your answers.  As a result, you can be on top and grow your followers.

There are a lot of possibilities and Quora can be a great source of traffic for literally any niche that you can think of.  However, there are several other users who share the same goal, so you got some competition.

The SM Tasker Upvote tool can help in strengthening your position within the community and if used strategically, can boost your standing a lot faster than you expect, however, you need several Quora accounts to accomplish that.

How to start upvoting?

To use the Quora Upvote tool, just go to Tools tab and click the Upvote action of the account where you want to run the tool or click MORE TOOLS

You will see three tabs:

  • Upvote Settings
  • Upvote Sources
  • Upvote Results


(Screenshot showing Upvote Settings tab)


Upvote Settings

This is where you can configure and control the general behavior of the Upvote tool. It has 2 sections: Run Timers and Upvote using multiple accounts


(Screenshot of the upvote run timers section)


Run Timers section

On this section, you can configure how the tool is going to operate, by means of:

  1. Wait between time before each new operation – the x and y minutes represents the interval before a new operation begins. The wait time is randomly selected
  2. How many answers to be upvoted per operation – this is the number of answers the tool will process for each operation. A random number between x and y will be selected for each operation
  3. The maximum number of answers to be upvoted per day – you can control the number of upvotes that the tool will execute per day via this setting. Each day, a random number between x and y day is picked and used as the maximum number of upvotes on that particular day.
  4. Random sleep time – this will allow the tool to rest when it has executed X actions prior to starting a new one
  5. Hours of execution – this is where you configure the hours as to when the tool will perform actions
  6. Add Interval – You can set intervals on when you want the tool to execute as well as randomize them daily.
  7. Days when the tool will execute – you can select the days when you want to do the upvote actions. There is an option to rotate the days to make it more natural.
  8. Should you decide to use the same settings across all your Quora accounts,  you can click the Copy Settings option.

💡 On rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to upvote on Saturdays and Sundays.

Upvote using multiple accounts section


(Screenshot of the upvote with multiple accounts section)


  1. As mentioned earlier, you need to have multiple Quora accounts to benefit from the Upvote tool. All the accounts you added in Social Profiles will be visible on this area and you can select which accounts you want to use by ticking the checkbox or you can opt to Select All.
  2. You can set how many accounts will upvote for each answer.
  3. There is also an option to limit the number of accounts that will upvote on the same answer.

Upvote Sources

There are four types of sources available that you can use when searching for answers to upvote.

  • Upvote specific answers
  • Upvote answers from topics
  • Upvote answers from profiles
  • Upvote blog posts

Upvote specific answers


(Screenshot showing the source tab and the upvote specific answers source)


➡ To upvote specific answers, you have to get the permalink of the answer you want to upvote from Quora then copy and paste it in the designated box. You can add as many answer URLs as you want, one URL per line.  Once you are done, you can click ADD TO ANSWER LIST button and it will be listed on the table below

📌 How to get the answer URL from Quora?

  • Go to Quora, click on the question that you have answered and find your answer there
  • Right-click on the time stamp (this is when the answer was posted
  • Click copy link address

Example of answer URL:

Upvote answers from topics


(Screenshot showing the upvote answers from topics source option)


➡ To use this source, just add the URLs of the Quora topics from where the answers will be upvoted.  Again, you can add multiple topic URLs then click the ADD TO TOPICS LIST button.

💡 Whenever you upvote someone’s answer, they get notified and this may encourage them to check out your profile and increase the possibility that they might follow you.

While on your page, they can click on the link in your profile or check your answers, upvote them and visit links in answers that you have posted as well.

📌 How to get Topic’s URL?

  • Go to Quora, enter the topic name in search box and topics will appear, click on one of them, then copy the URL of it and paste it to the appropriate box in SM Tasker.

Example of topic URL:

Upvote answers from profiles


(Screenshot showing upvote answers from profiles source option)


➡ To upvote answers from profiles, get the Quora profile URLs you want to upvote answers and copy them to the designated box then click ADD TO PROFILES LISTS button.

📌 How to get Profile’s URL?

  • Visit Quora, enter the profile name in search box and profiles will appear, choose a profile, then copy the URL of it and paste it to the appropriate box in SM Tasker.

Example of topic URL:

Upvote blog posts


(Screenshot showing upvote blog posts source option)


➡ To start upvoting answers from blog posts, just copy and paste the blog posts URLs (one URL per line) inside the corresponding box then click on ADD TO BLOGS LISTS

📌 How to get Blog Posts URL?

  • Navigate to Quora blog, enter the topic/ profiles names in search box and topics will appear, click on one of them, then copy the URL of it and paste it to appropriate box in SM Tasker.

Upvote Results

From the Results tab, you can see all the actions including other useful information that can help you track the progress of the tool.

  • You can see when the date
  • The answer link that will receive an upvote
  • If you used multiple accounts to upvote on the answer, you can see how many accounts upvoted
  • You can click the Delete action link if you want to remove the answer from the list


(Screenshot showing the upvote results Tab).

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