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The Security Tab

You probably have too many items on your to-do list already and it just keeps growing every few days. To have enough time to focus on your family and business, you might need to consider getting a virtual assistant and outsource some of your SM Tasker tasks to them, for example:

  • Creating and scheduling content.
  • Doing email verification.
  • Doing phone verification.
  • … etc

Here at SM Tasker, we understand that even though you want to have some help you still don’t feel comfortable giving someone access to everything inside SM Tasker and that’s why we created the Security Tab.

The Security tab will help you to password-protect any item from the left sidebar.

(insert a screenshot of the SM Tasker sidebar)

Where do I find the tab?

To find the tab, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on SETTINGS at the left sidebar of the SM Tasker window
  • Click on the Security tab

(insert screenshot here)

How can I password-protect some sections?

Inside the Security tab, you can disallow direct access to the menu items you want, no one else can access them unless they enter your SM Tasker account password.

Please unselect or uncheck all menu items you don’t want your virtual assistant to access.

(insert screenshot here)

Once you are done with that, click on Enable Security button (see screenshot above) then you will get a pop-up asking for your login password, please enter your SM Tasker password then click on OK.

(insert screenshot here)

The Enable Security button will switch to the ‘Disable Security’ button. Once you no longer need extra security, just click the Disable Security button.

(insert screenshot here)

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