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The Summary Tab


The “Summary” tab is a key feature of the software that can be found on the Dashboard” section in SM Tasker, providing a high-level overview of all actions executed by the software. This tab is designed to be a central hub for users to see the most important information related to their accounts activity on the platform, including any errors or notifications that they need to be aware of.

By default, the “Summary” tab shows actions for all accounts that a user has added to SM Tasker. It displays the date and time when each action was executed, as well as the status of the action (such as started, executing, or finished). The Account column shows the name of the account that is performing the action, and the Error column indicates if any errors occurred during the action.

In addition to the four columns, the “Summary” tab also includes a range of options and features at the bottom of the page, including the ability to manage columns, copy errors to the clipboard, show only errors, clear errors, export data to a CSV file, filter by specific words or phrases, and show status info for specific accounts or tags. These features are designed to help users easily understand and troubleshoot any issues that may arise and gain insights into their activity on the platform.

Features of the Summary Tab

There are four columns in the “Summary” tab:

  • 1- Date Column: displays the date and time when the action was executed
  • 2- Status Column: reports the status of the action (started, executing, finished)
  • 3- Account Column: shows the name of the account that is performing the action
  • 4- Error Column: ‘SCREENSHOT‘ will appear if any error occurred; you can hover over the red ‘SCREENSHOT’ message (if any), and the error screenshot will show up as you can see in the screenshot below.

At the bottom of the “Summary” tab, you will find additional options:

A screenshot showing the different options available at the bottom of the summary tab

  1. Manage Columns: when clicked, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to adjust the width of the four columns we previously explained (Date, Status, Account, and Error). You can also drag and drop the column headers to change their order of appearance.
  2. Copy Error to Clipboard: you can click this button to copy all actions that resulted in an error if you need that information for any reason.
  3. Show Only Errors: clicking this button allows you to easily check for any errors that have occurred. The “Summary” tab will display only errors and you can see when an error occurred and for which action it occurred. The text will also change to ‘Show All‘ when clicked so you can click on it to return to the normal view that shows everything.
  4. Clear Errors: this will delete all errors from the “Summary” tab.
  5. Export: you can click on ‘Export‘ to export all “Summary” tab events to a CSV file, which you can also forward to the SM Tasker support team if needed.
  6. Filter: you can use this feature to show actions that contain a specific word or phrase. The word or phrase can be an account name, the name of the action, or an error. For example, if you enter ‘Sync’ in the filter field, SM Tasker will show you only actions related to synchronization.
  7. Show Status Info For: select an account from this drop-down menu to see actions only from that specific account.
  8. The two arrows: you can use them to browse back and forth between accounts, you must select an account first from the Show Status Info For option first for the arrows to work.
  9. Filter by Tag: you can use this feature to show actions only for profiles with a specific tag. The tags here will depend on the tag/s you added to the Social Profile accounts. There is also an option to tag by their status and by social platform.

Tips And Troubleshooting For The Summary Tab

📌 Keep in mind that getting an error does not necessarily mean there is a bug in the software. Some errors can be caused by the status of the account you are doing actions on, a weak internet connection, or a faulty proxy. If you encounter any errors, you can try the following tips:

  • Check the status of the account you are performing actions on from the “Social Profiles” tab, the accounts must have a valid status to be able to execute actions.
  • Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • If the error persists, please take a full screenshot of the “Summary” tab, and another screenshot of the image that pops up when you hover over the red ‘SCREENSHOT‘ under the error column and send both to the SM Tasker support team for assistance.


The “Summary” tab is a valuable resource for users of SM Tasker, providing a comprehensive overview of all actions performed by the software. It is an essential tool for tracking and managing the activity of your accounts on the platform, and for troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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