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The Twitter Bulk Profile Editor Tool

Twitter is another social platform that is quite popular among social media users.  Perhaps, next to Instagram, it is the preferred platform of most celebrities and brands, hence a lot of clients use SM Tasker to manage their Twitter accounts.

SM Tasker understands the demand for automating Twitter actions such as FollowRetweet, Favorite and more in order to grow the accounts as well as the need to update the profile from time to time to keep it fresh.

How to edit Twitter profiles in bulk?

We heard you when you said that you needed a feature that will enable you to edit your Twitter accounts in bulk, hence we rolled out the Twitter Bulk Profile Editor tool.  It is a handy feature that will help you conveniently edit the profiles you manage in one place.  It is quite easy to use and will save you a good amount of time.

To start editing your Twitter profiles, go to Global Tools > click Twitter Bulk Profile Editor

How to use the Twitter Bulk Profile Editor tool?

The first thing you will notice when you go to this tool is the Add New Bulk Editor tab. You will need to press on that action tab to start editing your Twitter profiles.


(Screenshot showing the Global Tools –> Twitter Bulk Profile Editor Tab)


After creating one or a couple of editor tabs, you will be able to see multiple tabs in the upper part of the tool where you can easily switch from one editor to another or you can choose to add a new bulk editor tab.


(Screenshot showing multiple profile editor tabs)


Once you have added a New Bulk Editor tab, you will notice that the tool is separated into two areas or sections.

  1. Bulk profile editor on your left side and
  2. Settings section on the right part of the tool


(Screenshot showing New Bulk Editor Tab)


Bulk Profile Editor section

  1. Instance Name – this is where you add the instance name you want to use for the bulk editor tab
  2. Accounts – here you can see the Twitter accounts you’ve added to that bulk editor tab.

💡 There is a Remove button next to each account that you can use in case you want to remove that account from the Bulk Editor tab.

  1. Action buttons
  • ADD ACCOUNTS – click this button to select and add the accounts you want to edit
  • REMOVE ALL – use this option to remove all the added accounts
  • REMOVE – use this option if you only want to remove individual accounts instead of bulk.


(Screenshot showing the BULK PROFILE EDITOR Section)


Settings section

In this section, you can input the profile details you want to use on the accounts that will be edited.

  1. You can add new Name, Bio, Country, Website to added accounts
  2. You can use spin syntax to add variations to the details that will be used. There is an option to ‘Check spin syntax’ or to launch the spin syntax editor window by pressing ‘Spin Text’.
  3. You have the option to select and add your preferred emojis
  4. Click on ‘PHOTOS’ to upload your preferred Profile or Header Photo; you can add multiple images if you want


(Screenshot showing the Settings section)



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