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The Twitter Delete Posts Tool

When you post something on your Twitter by mistake or simply want to declutter up your account, or since Twitter does not have the option to edit a tweet, you start deleting posts. You may also opt to delete posts if you want to start fresh or you are changing niche and the older posts will not be relevant to it, and clean slate is what you need.

In any of these cases, deleting your posts one by one is rather annoying and time-consuming.  Good thing SM Tasker has the Delete Posts tool, you can easily automate the delete posts action on your account instead of doing it manually.  It’s pretty easy to use and you can set it up in less than five minutes.

The Twitter Delete Posts tool has 3 sections: Run Timers, Delete Limits and Post filters section.


(Screenshot showing the Delete Posts Settings)


Run Timers section:

  1. In this section, you can set how many minutes you want to wait or the interval before the tool starts a new operation
  2. You can also indicate the number of posts you want to be deleted per each operation.

Delete Limits section:

  1. Set the maximum number of posts that you want to delete per day and per hour.
  2. Please note that if you check the option “Stop the tool when the account has no more posts “, this tool will work until all posts are deleted from this account.
  3. You can opt to delete Retweets as well

Post Filters section:

This section allows you to be more specific with the posts that you want to delete.

  1. Set the age of the posts you want to delete
  2. You may use this filter in case you only want to delete posts that are older than X days which has x-y likes.
  3. This filter is handy if you only want to delete posts that are older than X days which has x-y views.

When you have it all set, double-check your settings then start the tool.

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