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Understanding the TOOLS Tab

The TOOLS Tab is one of the most important tabs inside SM Tasker. This is where you go to access the tools available to each supported social platform. To get there, just click Tools from the left panel menu of your SM Tasker interface.

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What is the Tools tab?

On this page, you will see the tools that are currently running on the accounts as well as the status or progress of the activated tools.

You can see the number of actions executed Today as well as the Total actions. The value is represented as X/Y or Today/Total.

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Aside from that, you will also see warnings and error notifications for the running tool. For instance, you will see if an account has received a block specific to that tool action.

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  • A blue icon and having the toggle switched ON (with green indicator) means that the tool is currently executing Like actions on the account
  • A yellow icon represents a warning; eg. Daily Limit reached, the Comment tool will not execute any more actions and will start again the next day
  • A red icon represents an error; the Follow tool has received a Temporary Block and will not execute actions until the block is lifted

When you see a yellow or red icon on the tool, please move your mouse on top of the icon to display the message and take a screenshot of it, attach the image to your email and send it to the SM Tasker support team for further assistance.

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More Useful Actions in the Tools Tab

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1. Manage Columns

You can click on the Manage Columns button when you want to customize the Tools Tab view.  Simply tick the checkbox of the tools you want to display on the Tools tab or adjust the size of the column for a specific tool.

This is quite handy when you are running only certain tools and want to organize your Tools Tab view for ease of access. Just like the Summary tab columns, you can drag and drop the column headers to change their order of appearance.

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2. Filter box

Use this when you want to easily find or show specific account/s.   You can type the name of the account, the name of the platform, and the status of the account or you can use the keywords (in partial or complete words). To reset the filter, just click on the X button at the end of the textbox.

You can also, use logical operators AND, OR, and NOT.

  • AND: Symbol used &&;
  • OR: Symbol used ||;
  • NOT: Symbol used !:

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3. Group by Tag

When using the option “Group by Tag”, only the accounts containing the specified tag will show up on the Tools tab view. It is useful when you need to only focus on some specific accounts. Note that this using this option may slow down the performance of the application especially if the PC/VPS where SM Tasker is installed does not have a standalone GPU/graphics card.

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4. Filter by Tag

You can find the entire list of tags you have in SM Tasker when you enable the “Filter by Tag” option. The tags here will be dependent on the tag/s you added to the Social Profile accounts. There is also an option to tag by their status and by social platform.

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5. Show today/total info for each tool

When you check this option each tool will show an X/Y number below the ON/OFF switch.

X indicates the number of actions the tool executed today while Y represents the total of actions that the tool has executed from the time it was activated in SM Tasker.

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